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From the instant you first see it track; you realize the PT-X5 is unlike any other product in the industry. X5 GPS Tracking is known for delivering the fastest, most reliable GPS tracking products on the market – without exception. When it comes to LIVE GPS Personal tracking, nobody does it better. Our best-of-breed web-based tracking system means no software to install. Access your GPS device or fleet from any Internet-connected PC anywhere in the world, and see their precise locations – accurate to within 8 inches and 1/4 mph. Watch your GPS device as it moves in real-time. Define your own alert zones and receive text message and email notifications any time your GPS device enters or leaves your defined zones – or exceed any speed you specify. ONLY the personal-Tracker X5 provides all this plus many more features – with unlimited usage.

Ambulance services, Law Enforcement and the Department of Defense agencies all over the world rely on our products to keep track of their own vehicles and personnel. Every device we ship is manufactured to exacting standards, built rugged to take a beating, and carries a full 12-month warranty. If one of our devices breaks, we replace it. Of course, that’s easy to do when our equipment failure rate is less than two-tenths of 1%. Our equipment has been battlefield tested and proven in the harshest and most hostile of environments imaginable from Alaska to Australia, from Denver to Dubai, our systems take the heat (and cold) and just keep working.


With the X5 Co-pilot navigation and tracking system the driver will have the ability to navigate the roads using the latest touch screen GPS navigation device, al Install, And Accessible From Any Web-Enabled PC Watch the Ultra-Thin GPS Tracker’s movements on any Internet connected PC from anywhere in the world. See its precise location – accurate to 8 inches and 1/4 mph. With no software to download, this GPS Tracker makes viewing and monitoring easy – no matter where you are.


Historical play back
In addition to the live GPS tracking the PT-X5 has an added feature of Historical play back: at X5 GPS TRACKING our web enabled programs allow the client to view a 90 day history of where the PT-X5 GPS TRACKING UNIT has been at the click of a mouse. All data is held at our secured server where you can access the past 90 days of history of where your GPS tracking unit has been.
Management activity reports
With our top of the line software you can view vehicle reports daily on start stop’s, aggressive driving, Vehicle mileage, Excessive idling, Standard reports and enhanced reports all included in the basic fee.
Geo coding, address look up
The integrated address manager allows you to look up the exact address of the unit, this also allows you to view the current live address of the tracking unit.
Speed alert
Speed alert will notify a specific designated person or persons that the unit has exceeded a specified speed limit this will be done via E-mail and SMS cell phone text messaging to a pre designated E-mail address and cell phone #.
Zone alert
With Zone Alert you will be notified when the PT-X5 GPS TRACKING UNIT enters or leaves a specified per determined zone set by you. A specific designated person or persons will be notified via E-mail and SMS cell phone text messaging when the unit enters or leaves the specified zone.
Variable zoom and mapping imagery
Detailed maps and aerial imagery gives you a birds eye view of the exact location of the unit with such quality that you can tell the color of brick how many shrubs they may have in front of the home That the unit is located at.
Skype Integration – Quick PC Phone Calls Directly From the Map
With the PT-X5 Skype integration, you can easily call and connect to other users. Just click on the vehicle or person you’re tracking to dial the driver’s cell number through your PC with a Skype headset. This feature allows you to get in contact with workers, family members, or friends quickly and easily right from our Web-based tracking system. This all-in-one tracking system lets you track, manage, monitor, and call all people or items being tracked from a simply easy-to-use Web interface.
Battery level indicator
When tracking the PT-X5 GPS Tracking unit you will be able to view the current battery level through the web in the map page and via an indicator L.E.D. on the unit. \
Live traffic indicator
When using the PT-X5 GPS Tracking unit you will be able to view the current traffic speeds with 5 second updates using highway highlights to indicate slow, stopped or no traffic at all.
Route Planner
With the route planner you will have the ability to plan a route from point A to point B in the same mapping system of the PT-X5 GPS Tracking unit.
Address Markers
The address markers allow you to place markers on the map to indicate specific locations and every time it brings up the PT-X5 GPS maps on your PC it will show the markers as permanent indicators.
Pin Marker location search
With the Pin marker locator search you will have the ability to search for the location of the nearest topic searched. For example in the GPS mapping you will have the ability to search for the nearest Wal-Mart to your current location and it will place a pin on the map with its precise location.
Live support
From the live support button you will have the ability to contact a technical support live in a person to person chat form

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