Work Smarter With GPS Fleet Management

Managing a fleet of vehicles for a company is a very complex and challenging job. It can also be stressful, especially if managing the dispatching and timely arrival of vehicles is critical to the success of your company. You can excel at your job with the help of GPS fleet management.

You have certainly heard some things about GPS fleet management. You probably know you can monitor the exact location of any vehicle at any time. What you might not know is that a GPS fleet management system also maintains a complete history of the movements of each vehicle. You can then run and download reports for each vehicle, for specific time-frames, or for specific drivers.

You probably know that GPS fleet management equipment allows you to watch your computer screen and see movements of your vehicles in “real time” in order to monitor everything that is happening with your fleet. You might not know that GPS fleet management equipment also allows you to receive alerts or historical reports when drivers are speeding, idling, stopped, traveling, moving outside a predefined area or driving unsafely in a number of other ways. You can also track driving habits that negatively affect fuel efficiency or the useful life of the vehicle.

A GPS fleet management system that includes a system for scheduling maintenance will not only simplify your job, but it will ensure that everything stays on track. Even more, the system will send you an alert if a maintenance or engine problem is starting. This allows you to fix it quickly and prevent a costly interruption of service or a more costly repair.

Your GPS fleet management system will monitor fuel mileage reports for you, allowing you to simply download the reports you need to manage engine tuning, most efficient routing and driver behaviors. With these reports from your GPS fleet management equipment your will extend the life of your vehicles, reduce schedule disruptions due to breakdowns, increase fuel efficiency, and run a leaner and greener operation. This will show up on the bottom line in big cost savings.

Because your GPS fleet management equipment allows you to instantly locate a stolen vehicle, some systems also allow you to take steps to disable vehicles while they are parked overnight. These features qualify all GPS equipped vehicles for discounts of about 15% from most major insurance companies.

These GPS fleet management capabilities will help you spend the time saved on paperwork using the data to coach your drivers in the driving habits that will reduce fuel consumption, reduce carbon emissions, cut costs, and improve productivity. Unlike most managers, you will have the chance to improve both employee productivity and asset productivity (your fleet).

If you manage a fleet of trucks that make deliveries to various distributors throughout the country, for example, you might have different drivers or different vehicles traveling the same routes at various times. On a particular week you notice that the mileage for a particular run seems much higher than you remember the mileage when someone else drove the route the previous week. Using your GPS fleet management reports, you discover that the driver assigned to the route this week clocked 250 miles more than the driver who covered the same route the previous week. You also find that the driver was on the road three days longer – and all of the extra time was on the outgoing leg of the trip. By comparing other reports from your GPS fleet management system, you discover that this is consistent whenever the specific driver covers any route. With just a little more study of the reports, you find that this driver makes at least four extra stops on each trip.

GPS fleet management will make your life easier. It can help you:

– maintain a complete history of the travels of every vehicle and the actions of every driver

– use time saved by your GPS fleet management system to coach your drivers and mechanics in achieving optimal productivity and cost-efficiencies

– manage maintenance of the fleet with greater ease

– prevent robberies and help police locate a vehicle if one is stolen

– help the company by increasing productivity of employees

– extend the life of your vehicles and improve fuel efficiency.

By installing GPS fleet management devices in all of the vehicles in your fleet you can begin to see cost reductions immediately. On average, companies that install GPS fleet management systems report that they pay for the system and a whole year of monitoring with the savings they achieve in the first 90 days or less. So, what’s stopping you when you can save money for the company and work smarter?

For more information about GPS fleet management, claim your white paper “7 Ways Your Company Can Save Thousands of Dollars With GPS Fleet Tracking.” Many companies have increased their revenue and lowered their costs by installing GPS vehicle tracking for their fleet. To calculate the ROI for your company in under 30 seconds, see the Fleet GPS ROI calculator.

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