Why You MUST Install Covert GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems?

Covert GPS tracking devices are easily available almost everywhere nowadays, and because the technology has got so much better and the cost of manufacture has got so much cheaper, they are within the reach of most ordinary folk.

Because of this, the numbers of units being sold has risen dramatically over recent years, and the number of companies offering covert vehicle tracking services has risen as well. It’s no surprise then that more and more individuals and companies are using covert GPS vehicle tracking as a way of discovering if their spouses or employees are cheating on them.

Spouses That Cheat

In years gone by, if you were having an affair, your only worry about parking your vehicle outside a motel room for the afternoon was that someone you knew would see it there are and tell your husband/wife. Today however, things are much more high-tech and it’s increasingly common that a simple do it yourself GPS tracking system has been hidden in your car somewhere. If that is the case, every journey you make, every stop you make on your trip, and every time your car is parked for an extended period of time (such as outside a motel room for the afternoon), is logged and can be viewed, printed out, and used as evidence against you.

Lets just think about that for a minute – if you want to track your spouses behavior, you can know precisely where their vehicle is when they say they are ‘at work’, or that they are ‘going on a night out with the girls/guys’ – and this can be done for a little more than a cell phone costs!

It’s quite a scary thought, and it does go wrong sometimes, there are instances’ where the spouse is not cheating, but has been subjected to covert GPS tracking vehicle. When they have found out about this, relationships have ended because of the lack of trust, so I would advice you to be very careful if you are planning to use covert GPS vehicle tracking to confirm your suspicions, it’s far better to use it to get firm evidence for a divorce case say.

Employees That Cheat

Hands up if you have never sneaked any time off when you should have been working – not many of you then!

If you have a company vehicle and you do extend you lunch break regularly, or go shopping in work time, then don’t be surprised if one day you are found out. Some companies treat this theft of time as seriously as they would treat theft of company property, and it is hard to argue why they shouldn’t.

Because they can now know exactly where their vehicles (and lets not forget that they are their vehicles) are at all times, some companies have seen dramatic increases in activity since employing GPS tracking fleet management specialists, and dramatic decreases in overtime payments to employees as well – some larger companies are saving tens of thousands of dollars every month since they had these systems installed.

It is estimated that it will take six to twelve months for a GPS fleet tracking system to pay for itself, through increased productivity and reduced expenses. It can pay for itself almost instantly though if a company vehicle is stolen and the system is used to successfully recover it.

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