Why People Love Loya Car Insurance

For more than three decades, loya insurance company has been helping consumers find affordable insurance coverage throughout the United States. The firms tremendous success can only be attributed to the over one million satisfied customers. When people save money on their insurance, they tell their friends and then those friends tell others, which is how the company has successfully grown throughout the years.

Loya Casualty Insurance

If you are in the need for cheap car insurance, then loya casualty insurance can help you out. loya insurance group has teamed up with hundreds of top rated automobile insurers across the nation to bring you the absolutely lowest rates available. While the focus is on casualty insurance products, we can also help you find cheap home insurance and get healthcare coverage, all online. Loya car insurance is cheap, but with special online discounts you can get even lower rates. Some of the current available discounts can really help you save a lot.

1. Discounts for defensive driver training course:

When you have successfully finished a defensive driver training course and have a valid certificate, you can get loya casualty insurance at discounts up to 5%. Contact your local DMV to learn about defensive driving classes in your area or call a friendly insurance agent today who will gladly assist you. Remember that defensive driver classes save lives, which could be yours. A typical class only cost around $ 50, which you will make back on your insurance discount.

2. Discounts for good students:

Are you a high school or college driver looking to lower your auto insurance bill? You can get up to a 10% discount off your automobile rates by having a B or higher GPA. Get a loya car insurance quote today and claim your good student discount.

3. Discounts for Military personnel:

There are great discounts for those patriots that have served in any branch of the military. You can save up to 10% on loya car insurance if you have successfully served. Apply now for a free quote.

4. Discounts for anti-theft devices:

It is smart to protect the investment you’ve made in your vehicle and when you do, you can be rewarded with a discount up to 10% of your loya auto insurance. We recommend for the highest safety protection, the Lo-jack security device, that protects your car with GPS tracking.

Just go online anytime to get your free, no hassle, loya insurance quote. Remember to take advantage of all the loya car insurance discounts you qualify for. The quote is totally free and we will never share your private information. You can even pay for your policy online and print out your insurance I.D card or SR-22 cards, all online.