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No matter how much we love our pet dogs we don’t like to hear them barking incessantly. Excessive barking can be harmful for your dog and the noise is irritating. It is difficult to train and control young dogs. Pet owners have tried many futile techniques to control excessive barking. Now, with the help of modern dog bark collars it is easy to discipline your dog.

Modern electronic dog bark collars employ some form of a deterrent to discourage barking. You can choose from a variety of deterrent techniques. Some produce an electric shock, some produce ultrasonic sounds and some others produce some sort of repulsive spray.

These devices are perfectly safe and don’t cause any short term or long term damage. Remember Pavlov’s experiment?, dog bark collars are based on the same principle, the dog gradually learns to associate barking with the aversive.

You must remove the collar once your dog is trained. The collars incorporate multiple bark detection sensors to prevent false triggers. The most popular training collars are those with the electronic shock triggers. The electric pulses are perfectly safe and are automatically regulated for duration and intensity. Rechargeable batteries are used to power dog bark collars. Premium models have a built in GPS tracker; you can use the tracker to locate your dog from a computer. If you want to quickly discipline your dog buy a dog bark collar.

The collars are made from high quality material, they are tough and waterproof. Before you buy a collar make sure you find out what will be the most effective deterrent. You can choose an ultrasonic or spray model if you don’t like the idea of using an electric shock collar. Refills are available for spray models, make sure you buy an extra can when you buy a collar. The collar might prove ineffective if your dog fails to relate barking to the aversive, in such cases prolonged use may result in anxiety and hostile behavior.

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