Video Surveillance Can Catch Your Two-Timing Lover Or Spouse

No matter how much you stay on guard, somebody is going to lie and cheat on you. Nobody will spare you from getting hurt, not even the man you exchanged “I dos” with. Instead of running a video surveillance of your husband and his paramour, think of other ways to catch him en flagrante. No idea how? Read on.

When “In Sickness and In Health” Becomes Just Plain Sick

Nobody wants to play a fool, and nobody wants a ruined marriage either. But when the going gets tough, the tough definitely has to take action. No need for all that video surveillance and private detective-hiring stuff. All you have to do is look at your husband and observe. There should be tell-tale signs no hulking macho can hide from a woman’s prying eyes.

There are a lot of things you can do to catch your man red-handed like having someone spy using video surveillance. But it won’t work if your man is the perfect counterspy. Watch his actions closely, but remember to be distant. You would want to avoid those oh-so-loud confrontations. Not just yet.

Instead, check the following out:

* Take a good look at his appearance and observe his grooming. Is he using faddish shirts and pants? Is he more conscious of his appearance of the way he parts his hair?
* Check out his credit card expenses. Did he purchase flowers or jewelry that you did not receive?
* Is he going to parties all by his lonesome instead of taking you along the way he used to?
* At bedtime, does he turn his back on you and say he’s plain tired?
* Does he make a lot of excuses for his absences?

If All Home Remedies Fail Use Technology

This is where the cameras, detectives, and all the spying come in. When you still fail to squeeze all the juice from him, prepare that video surveillance and record away. This is hard work, but in the end it’s worth it. Be warned, though, that what you might see may tear your heart to shreds.

Use the surveillance system like a pro. Browse the different battery-operated miniature cameras, a GPS tracker to trace his car day and night, and a set of picklocks to pry open his locked drawers when he is not around in the house. You can also ask a friend where to get that software that can unlock the password to his email account. When you’re desperate to know his dirty secret, you’ll try all means, fair or foul.

Plant a miniature spy camera on the passenger side of his car. That would surely give you a full glimpse of your rival and the images captured would hold in court if the situation deteriorates to divorce proceedings.

Hiring a detective to spy on your husband can be expensive, and doing the video surveillance will take you away from the kids. But if it’s worth your sacrifices, why not? But what’s your purpose of going through all these trouble? Go ahead if:

* You want a divorce.
* Been physically, verbally, and emotionally abused.
* Have been cheated on for years.
* Losing your self-respect.

Until caught, a man will continue to wriggle out of the situation. But when presented with proof especially from the recording of your video surveillance, there’s nothing he can do. He might even have the impudence to dismiss your righteous anger as petty jealousies, but proof is proof, and what else could be better than that?

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