Using GPS Software in Fleet Management to Track Engine Idling

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Are you a business owner with a fleet of trucks/vehicles? Do you find yourself frequently on the phone with your drivers trying to determine their location, estimated arrival and departure times, or troubleshooting directions?

Perhaps you are an individual with a desire to track your own personal vehicles for the safety of teen drivers?

Whether you own a fleet of vehicles or just one, a GPS Tracking Fleet Management System will make it possible for you to track essential functions of your vehicles and free your time for other vital matters.

With a Real Time GPS Tracking system you will be able to see, in real time, where your vehicles are, what route they travel, where they park, how long they stay in any given location, when they start, stop, and idle the engine, how fast they drive, and when the vehicle is being driven in a location that you have deemed “off limits”. A good GPS Tracking system will include Reports that can be printed and shared with your drivers to help increase productivity and eliminate inefficiencies.

Some of the features that you may find with one of these systems are:

– Track safety – Manage vehicle maintenance – Receive alerts or notifications when a vehicle enters or leaves a perimeter – Track vehicle speed – Improve customer service and estimated delivery time – Monitor temperature level in trucks/vehicles – Audit fuel purchases – Track the amount of idling time

Proper vehicle maintenance is crucial in keeping your vehicles on the road and working for you. Installing a GPS tracking device can help you determine, how long a vehicle is parked in one location and sitting at idle, how many miles are driven, and also what types of conditions the vehicle has been driven in. Is there construction along a roadway slowing drive time? Is it rush hour with congested traffic? Is the vehicle maneuvering through densely populated areas?

Slow driving and idling the engine can cut into the bottom line of your business.

Did you know:

– Idling an engine for more than 30 seconds uses more fuel than if you turned the vehicle off and restarted it? – Idling an engine for two minutes can use as much fuel as traveling one mile? – Excessive idling can damage your engine components like spark plugs, cylinders and exhaust systems? – Fuel is only partially combusted at idle, causing a build up of fuel residues and can increase fuel consumption?

So, how does this effect your bottom line?

– Idling is a major source of high fuel cost – In one hour a vehicle at idle can burn 1 gallon of fuel – One gallon of fuel averages $ 4 in our current economy

If you multiply that $ 4 by the amount of hours per week one vehicle idles, and also by the number of vehicles in your fleet, you begin to understand why it is so important to have a viable method of tracking. All businesses have a maintenance schedule for their vehicles. Knowing how many miles are driven vs idling will determine the proper scheduling of maintenance work. Whether the vehicle is idling or actually driving, has little bearing on the actual engine hours. Engine hours are what determine your maintenance intervals. A running engine causes wear on parts and oil whether it is moving down the road at 60 mph or sitting still.

For all these reasons, any business owner with a fleet of vehicles should consider nowadays adopting this new technology to monitor the efficiency of its fleet.

Please visit EasiTrack for a detailed description of the benefits of a Real Time GPS Tracking system. EasiTrack offers GPS Tracking for small and medium size businesses that have a fleet of 1 to 50 vehicles, and that provides local services such as HVAC, Plumbers, Carpet Cleaning, and more.