Use a Tracker to Recover a Stolen Vehicle

The Motorcycle Tracker has been designed with enhanced GPS performance. It operates on low power consumption mode and can be easily installed. It is well concealed in the vehicle space that it is hardly visible. This tracker is ideal for fleet management, vehicle recovery, controlling auto rental, as well as other vehicle tracking applications.

The tracker by ERM complies well with the location based services and helps in management of vehicles at any location. The Tracker has been designed such that the driver can input Driver ID using a keypad and iButton. It can also operate with simple text for individuals when it is not being used to manage a fleet. The tracker has GSM/GPRS jamming detection and alert.

The Motorcycle Tracker has various types of alerts for different occasions. If the driver speeds his vehicle at a speed not recommended the speed alert will generate a signal indicating it to the driver. There is a panic alert for when the driver activates and alerts the driver and others in an emergency situation. It also has towing alert when the vehicle gets towed. It has an incorporated GPRS and text messaging with large memory to log at least 12000 events. The tracker has OLP (Output Logic Programming) for complex output signal generation.

The tracker helps in Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) as it has GeoZone protection on which ensures a virtual geographic boundary is setup around an area and sends an alarm when it is crossed. It is vibration proof, and works on Li-ion rechargeable battery 3.7V, 750 mAh. It can be used to track any vehicle essential in managing large fleets tracking them and in their recovery when stolen. The software and applications help in all the activities liked to the tracking system.

The tracker can be used in Auto rental management and help in financial control and location of the vehicles. In the rental services, the vehicles are easily traceable with the help of Driver ID and other features of the tracker such that it helps in locating the vehicle at any time during operation. It can also help in financial control ensuring the vehicle is within the limits set and logistically does not go beyond the set specifics which can help in financial control of the vehicle including in Stolen Vehicle Recovery.

It helps in promoting awareness and better driving sense. It has a 2-way hands-free key fob that prevents theft and includes driver identification which is optional. It helps in detecting accidents as well as alerting the driver. It enables the service provider to provide assistance during emergencies by sending an alarm. In case of GSM jamming the tracker detects it and switches over to eSNS communication as a jamming solution.