Types of GPS (Global Positioning System = Tracking Systems) Available For Your Vehicle

Traveling around new places has become a great deal easier with the advent of Global Positioning System (GPS). Earlier, when we planed an excursion to a new destination we were often concerned about navigation our way in the unknown vicinity. People used to hire guides for the purpose, which definitely burnt hole in their pockets. Further, if you are not familiar with the language of the guide then there is very less you can do to complete your tour successfully. All these hassles have been remarkably minimized by GPS. The application finds a wide application in several spheres, including, defense, mining, traveling and exploration, and many more.

GPS turned out to be a significant tool for the explorers, and hence finds a broad usage in modern automobiles. Almost all the contemporary luxury cars come with installed GPS in them. GPS enables its user in finding the places of their interest, such as- restaurants, clinics, clubs, famous sites, or any other such place. However, if your car is not fitted with any sort of GPS device, then it can be also installed separately. There are different types of GPS available for the automobiles. So, before going for any specific GPS for your vehicle, make sure that you are purchasing the most suitable one. Some of the major types of GPS are given here:

* In-built GPS – Almost all the major car manufacturers are offering in-built GPS application in their cars. These cars have GPS tools fixed into a dash, and hence don’t get lost easily. However, cars with in-built GPS are expensive than their non GPS version.

* Portable GPS Tools- These GPS units are tailored for an easy carriage of the device. These are not rigidly fitted into the automobile can be moved from one vehicle to other easily. So, if you have more that one car, then this type of system is highly recommended for you. The system helps you in saving your lots of bucks and efforts. You can also take this system to your home when you are not driving, and help your kids to learn more about the city you are living in. These GPS devices weigh around 10 Oz, and have 4″ inch wide display fitted in it. Its price range starts from $ 250, and can go up to $ 500, depending upon the functions and features of the device.

* Pocket GPS Tools- Automobile pocket is an advanced form of portable GPS unit for automobiles. It can be fit into your pocket or palm, and can be easily carried anywhere you wish to. These devices are a bit expensive than the portable form of automobile GPS tools, with a starting price tag of $ 400, which can go up to $ 600 for an advanced unit.

All these GPS applications have their own pros and cons, and their applicability largely depends upon your needs. So, before making purchase of the suitable GPS application, prioritize your needs and buy accordingly. Learn more and find out about types of gps (global positioning system = tracking systems) available for your vehicle.

Article written by Richard Crittendon on behalf of Automobile.com – the place to go for the most updated Chevy Car Reviews

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