Travel Gear: Some That Every Hiker Must Carry

Like every adventure sport, hiking too has its own challenges. These challenges throw to the aspiring hikers some pre-requisites that make the sport well provided for. This something only a pro hiker would agree with, because of the obvious hardships they have undergone and the solutions they have learned on the go. For every hiker, amateur or veteran, a travel gear kit is indispensible. You need to have a galore of them in your possession so you can assemble your backpack with the right ones. Here are some of the gears every hiker should have in their solo and group adventures at all times.

Eyewear: Goggles might not come as a necessary equipment in hiking, but it would be sheer lack of foresight not to keep one handy in your travel bag. Hiking in the forest, or mountains will have certain environmental throwbacks. The wind in the higher altitude and flora of wilderness can obscure visibility, if not guarded. So, it is not just motorcycle adventures where you need glasses. Treat them with equivalent importance to running shoes.

Hydration Bladder: You can’t possibly carry gallons of water on a hiking trip, even if it lasts for days. Neither can you forsake your body’s need to stay hydrated for necessary physical and muscular functioning. A water pouch is just the right thing to have by your bag’s side pocket. With special anti-bacterial treatment that gives the water the filtration it needs, these bladders have a narrow pipe attached through which light sipping can be done every now and then. The pouches without any solid form are easy to accommodate anywhere. They come in an average capacity of 2 litres.

Waterproof Cases: Dry bags are often obtained by those thinking of underwater sports. But, they are equally important for hiking and similar other on-land adventure sports. These pouches are mostly see through and very spacious for their sizes. They can accommodate cell phones, cameras, iPods and other gadgets that stand a chance of fluid damage. Dry bags are relatively bigger and can hold all odds and ends, depending on what you wish to keep dry. So, even if you have a water-proof duffle bag or knapsack, a dry bag is of great use. Submersible and storm cases are the other options you have in this section of travel gear.

Binocular: A binocular is what promises the gift of panoramic sight. You cannot possible afford to skip buying this one. Wherever you stand, on a mountain top or a plateau edge, a binocular is the best gear to enjoy a view of the distance with considerable clarity.

Compass: No matter how many cell phones you are carrying or who is monitoring your GPS tracker, keeping a compass is always safe. Whether solo or guided, it will show you the way.

A travel gear should always be procured from trusted sources to make sure that it serves you unfailingly. We are an online retailer offering running shoes and all kinds of gears for outdoor sports of the best brands.

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