Tracking Your Order By Telephone

Tracking a package has been the greatest advantage of increased communications among courier drivers over the last twenty five years. Many years ago, the only updates on a packages movements would come when the vehicles carrying them moved through certain checkpoints where they would pickup new packages and drop off others. The fact that the package had reached that point might be relayed to the head office, from which someone could check on the status of their package potentially.

However, the increase in mobile technology has now opened up an entire new field of status updating technology. The introduction of cellular phones was by far the biggest step in this field, as this gave drivers the means to instantly communicate with their dispatch office.

This is when it also became far more common for people to want to phone and check on the status of their shipments, because they could now receive more reliable information as to where their package actually was. Although much of the status checking done by people shipping with a Houston courier service is now done over the internet, there certainly are still means in place to allow people to do so by telephone.

After the cellular telephone, the next biggest leap in package tracking technology was without a doubt the mobile GPS unit, many of which are now simply integrated with the cell phones or other mobile device that the delivery driver may be carrying.

Now, if you call in to your delivery company to check on the exact status of your shipment, it becomes possible for them to locate the GPS unit of the driver and tell you exactly where they are, and how much longer it should take for your package to arrive at its destination.

Telephone order tracking is still available because many people still find this to be the most convenient method. Online order tracking might be better for certain situations, and for some people who are always connected to the internet, but for others, it is just easier to actually pick up the phone and make a quick call.

There are also many couriers which have great automated telephone status update systems, where you simply enter your tracking code and get a message telling you where your package is, making it very easy for you to at all times be aware of how any of your shipments are progressing towards their destinations.

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