Tracking a remote workforce II

Extending business beyond possibilities is what the competition era demands. Keeping it confined to locations only where it is possible to set up companies is not the trend these days. True business spirit lies in extending business wherever profits ask you to extend. For this reason remote workforce is being adapted as the most efficient means by which business goes global and also the problem of relocating is effectively solved. Whether it is dealing with off shore clients or hiring employers from around the continent, remote workforce has to be dealt with in modern times.
Hiring remote employees also saves a lot of expenses of the companies which would else wise be engaged in providing them space to work and also reside. Most companies that relocate workers have to provide them a place to reside too. This is not the case with remote workforce where technology connects the employees to the company they are working for. Managing their working hours, work units and paychecks is the duty of the manager which is made very easy by the option we bring to you here.

Challenges for remote workforce
It might be less troublesome for you to employ remote workers as you don’t have to be worrying about allotting them space and travel expenses but at the same time there are some challenges coming your way. Well better options always come with some challenges, don’t they? You as manager have to be tracking details of employees like his work unit and work hours. Sometimes locations too!
Since some clients will be paying them directly, your responsibility doubles. You have to keep records of their work and see to it that they do put in the time decided for their work. Ignorance can cause some real harm to the esteem of your firm. Here are the basic challenges you got to swipe through:
 How to track employee’s daily work activity?
 How to track location of employees who are mobile and their job requires travelling?
 How to bill the client based on the number of hours worked by the employees?
 How client can track the employees working on their project?
Answer to the challenges: Worksnapper
Worksnapper tool is meant to keep track of remote employee’s workforce and generate required reports of the same. Its major features are: mobile application, desktop screenshots, webcam images, invoices, reporting and analysis, GPS tracking and timesheets.
Mobile application
This feature can help you instantly track the current location of the employee if they are suing a mobile device enabling you to check if they are where they should be. Reports for the same can also be prepared instantly.
Desktop screenshots and webcam images
Worksnapper has automatic feature of taking snapshots of the employee’s screen during his work hours at set intervals letting you see examine his work and also hours he’s literally putting at work. Webcam images can also be taken to determine if the person is actually at work or not. You can get reports of the total hours he has put at work enabling you to calculate his pay.
Invoice generating has never been so easy for report workforce without the use of worksnapper. This tool accurately calculates the time put in by employee at work and accordingly generates his invoice instantly.
Reporting and analysis
Important reports that need analysis can be quickly and efficiently developed on the move with the help of this tool. These are some of the reports this application can provide:
 Snapshot report
 Employee Work Hour Report
 Timesheet Report
 Project Report
In simple formats these reports can be transferred to the clients who might want to consider it prior to billing. The efficacies of these reports are indisputable.
GPS tracking
Global position system (GPS) efficiently tacks the location of the employee and the manager can sit back and keep and aye on the moving teams like sales and service officers to see to it that they are actually where they are meant to be at their working hours. Their exact location can be tracked on the maps of the mobile application.
Timesheet lets you keep track of the current task uptake by the employee so make sure he’s working on it. You can make comments on it and new tasks can also be added. . .. .. .. .. is simply great