Trace Foundation Sidelights of Meiligao’s US Branch Office Meitek Inc

On Dec 1, 2010, Meitek Inc. – US branch of Shenzhen Meiligao Electronics Co., Ltd. was set up in Los Angeles US. It indicates the beginning of Meiligao’s international strategy. Just as the lyrics of theme song in TV series«Beijinger in New York»: Thousands of miles I search for you. The foundation of US branch office indicates Meiligao’s huge transformation.

Quality guarantee

In order to meet US market’s quality standard, Meiligao has restructured Quality Department, increased quality personnel, and carried out a comprehensive training to them. The Quality Manager has established a series of new inspection procedures and standards according to GPS tracker’s characteristics. It covers incoming material inspection, accessory inspection, functional test and inspection before shipment, etc. The QC department also keeps high sensitivity to sold products. Once any problem feedback from clients, they will test it immediately, to see if it is quality problem or not. Meiligao requires quality personnel to value quality at any moment. For instance, as there was defect complaint from a client on its very popular vehicle tracker model MVT600, the QC department decided to suspend the shipment, and had overall examination on this model, to make sure it does work perfectly before shipping to clients.

Qualification certification and patent protection

Aiming at world’s leading manufacturer of GPS tracker, Meiligao has obtained CE and SGS certificate, and is also applying for FCC certificate. Meiligao’s products not only meet certification standard- be safe, green and environmental, but also reflect humanistic care. For instance, Meiligao’s personal tracker MT88 has Braille SOS button, which is very heart-warming.

Meiligao also values the protection of intellectual property. It has applied design patent protection for all MVT series, to avoid possible piracy overseas.

Talents cultivation

Talent is Meiligao’s most valuable resource. Talents from youth of all ages have been gathered in Meiligao, and found stage to show their abilities. The manager in US branch office is in the twenties, and takes charge of overall business there. Graduate has grown quickly in this environment, and become backbone of different department. The Rich Human Resources has laid a good foundation for Meiligao’s long-term development.

Warm enterprise culture

Happy people will make good product. Adhering to this philosophy, Meiligao has set up “Charity fund” to help the needy staff. Besides, their staff can get subsidies from “Charity fund” when encounter diseases or hold wedding, etc. There are sports activities such as badminton/basketball game weekly, colleague dinner party twice a month, and group travel annually. On festivals like Mid-Autumn day or New Years day, it will also have colorful party celebrations. In recent years, Meiligao team has grown steadily. In such cordial and friendly atmosphere, Meiligao team has created personal tracker MT88 which has won Global Sources ‘Electronics Design Awards’. Its latest vehicle tracker MVT600 has very powerful features, and has received great popularity in the market.

For the pursuit of becoming an international GPS tracker manufacturer, Meiligao has a promising future, and is also constantly improving itself. The setup of US branch office is also a historic transformation in Meiligao’s development.

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