Trace And Track Your Pet With The Dog Tracker

Dog trackers help dog owners to keep a track of their animal and help in locating a dog that has gone astray, having drifted away outside their nominated safe area. GPS dog tracking is increasingly becoming the most popular products that help dog owners to quickly track their pets and bring them back home safely.

The dog tracking system has been made famous by the GPS, popularly known as the Global Positioning System. The Global Positioning System, made famous by the Defense Dept of the United States, for it’s ability to find an exact location through the use of its’ satellite based system.

The study by the Council of Pet Population Study and Policy suggests that only 20 percents of dogs that stray off are actually rescued and bought back to their owners. The GPS dog tracking system works very efficiently to protect the pet from not only straying but it also saves it from a bigger accident like a car run over or another animal attack by giving accurate information about the pet. Most of these pets are rescued by the use of tags, microchips or tracking technology. Hence you will find most pet owners investing in a good, robust GPS dog tracking system since it increases the chance of finding his favorite pet if it gets lost. At time of buying it, it may seem slightly expensive. But ask a dog owner who has used such a GPS dog tracking system. He would be extremely happy to inform you of the benefits that he has actually derived by buying peace for himself and the safety for his pet.

There are generally two unique GPS tracking systems. One of the system works with the help of cellular carrier, transmitting vital inputs about the position of the pet. This helps the owner in tracing his pet through the phone or through the Internet. This technology gets seriously restrained wherever there is no cellular coverage and which would obviously cost more money to keep the services going.

The other tracking system is through the standard radio waves. In this, the GPS tracking system uses the radio waves available freely, but the transmission area is often limited, thereby working as a constraint. A handheld device receives location information sent through radio waves which demonstrates real-time information on the position of the pet.

It is important to note how this satellite technology based global positioning assists in tracking and locating missing dogs. The pet wears a collar where the transmitter is fitted and which sends an alert to the owner, about the pet having strayed from the stipulated safe area. The owner is then able to find the dog via a transmission. The GPS system of dog tracking works almost similar to the automobile tracking system. What it typically does is, it informs the owner of the pet having strayed and then starts sending updates on the dog’s where about till such time the owner has been able to retrieve the animal. In some of the GPS systems you are required to send for assistance through a helpline once the alert has been sounded. It is then the turn of the service representatives to track down the dog and relay back the information to the dog owner.

It is only a pet owner who loves his pet dearly would tell you how much of a help these GPS dog tracking system could be. The system not only keeps a check on the safety of the pet but also informs the owner at the right time so that they are found quickly and before any mishap takes place. With time the GPS dog tracking system is increasingly becoming popular and prices are also slowly coming down. It not only saves the pet a lot of unnecessary hassles but also ensures there is no heartache. Hence not only do these dog tracking systems help the dog owners’ but also benefit society largely by ensuring lesser number of strays on the road.

But before you buy a GPS dog tracking system, you need to do a good amount of research. You need to find out on the general battery life and ensure an expanded battery life. Then there are important issues like coverage area, weight, water proofing and even capacity to endure high temperature fluctuations. Also, if the size dog is small, then the critical part to look for is the right size of the collar. It could be extremely uncomfortable for a small dog to keep wearing a heavy GPS tracking system around the neck for a long time, exposing the pet’s back and neck to injury.

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