Top 5 Home and Family Safety Apps

Smartphones today can not just check your e-mail and keep you updated with the latest news happenings around the world, they have pretty much taken on the role of personal assistants for most users. Now with the new range of apps, it looks like smartphones are ready to take on a new role —Personal security guards!

Here’s a list of some of the best personal and home safety apps for users:

1. RapidTracker: Among the best of the lot, this app combines monitoring of family members with collaboration capabilities. The inbuilt GPS tracking features lets this app keep track of where each family member is located and is headed to and from.

It even lets users chat with each other and share photos of their check-in points within their own network. RapidTracker also serves as an alert system, providing frequent updates about weather and potential natural disasters in and around the users’ location.

The Geo-fencing feature lets users set limits of permissible territory for each family member and sends out alerts when anybody has moved beyond this periphery.

In addition to this, Rapidtracker has the feature of single button panic alert, allowing the user to send a quick alert to the list emergency contacts.

US based users can also integrate the sexual offender app with Rapidtracker, and get alerts about the presence of any known sexual offender in their vicinity.

App is available at:

2. Guardly: This is a useful app for youth to connect with friends and family in case of any emergencies. When the user requires help or is in any kind of trouble, he/she can use this app to dial for help or send out an alert to registered numbers.

Once an alert is triggered, the app enables real-time location tracking of the user so that help can reach them in time. An interesting feature of the app lets users see which of their friends or family are present in nearby locations as well.

3. Circle of 6: This app lets users create a circle with 6 people, including friends and relatives, who they trust. In the event of any difficult situations, users can easily update their circles with alerts and allow members of their circles to trace their location via GPS.

The Car button in the app sends out a text to other users within the circle with the GPS location so that someone from within this network can come to the user’s aid.

4. OnWatch: This app comes with 6 different features that let users alert police and/or their friends during emergency situations. Feed in the contact details of the trusted network of friends and family, and other authorities like the police, local security officers, etc. to whom an alert can be sent out from the phone with just the press of a button when a user is stuck in a crisis.

5. StaySafe: This app lets users configure their list of emergency contacts that will get an e-mail or SMS notification/alert in case they fail to check-in to a particular location. Users can set time or even extend the time duration by when they ought to have checked into a particular location, so that in case of any untoward incident, the emergency contacts can be alerted and can come to their rescue.

The app also provides minute-by-minute GPS tracking capabilities and even sends out information on users’ last known location as alerts to the emergency contact list.

Each of these apps come with their own set of unique features, you need to decide what you want your personal security guard to do!

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