Tips On Choosing Blue Tooth Enabled GPS Devices

Blue Tooth GPS devices are becoming more common these days as many people realize that they are a great technological combination with many practical applications. It is common today to find that almost every mobile phone comes with GPS. Before getting to know how Blue Tooth GPS systems can benefit our lives, we should know more about Blue Tooth and the benefits of Blue Tooth.

Blue Tooth was first invented by Ericsson, before it was generally accepted by other companies. Blue Tooth provides a way to connect and exchange information between personal devices such as mobile phones, laptops, PCs and PDAs over a secure, globally unlicensed short-range radio frequency. Even the new Nintendo Wii system also uses the Blue Tooth technology.

Generally, Blue Tooth is a standard and communications protocol primarily designed for devices that require low power consumption and short range communication. These features enable Blue Tooth devices to be power efficient. Since Blue Tooth is a wireless technology, it allows devices to exchange information with each other without the need for messy and unwieldy wires.

Blue Tooth works in a way such that it allows other devices to transfer information with each other when they are in a specific range. The receiving power must be high enough in order for the exchange of information to take place. A Blue Tooth device can connect with another device only when it is within a range of 10 meters.

Basically, as long as devices have Blue Tooth technology installed in them, they do not have to be separately made compatible. For example, a Toshiba gadget with Blue Tooth can exchange information with a Sony gadget that has Blue Tooth technology built-in.

Now, GPS can also be integrated with Blue Tooth to create Blue Tooth GPS devices. Blue Tooth GPS allows users to communicate and share the correct information regarding their location of other location-specific information. Users can make use of Blue Tooth GPS tracker systems to find their way should they get lost anywhere. This device is particularly useful for search parties, trekkers, mountaineers or other people who like outdoor activities.

With the combination of Blue Tooth and GPS, this technology is very useful for people who need to find their way, and also can help others if they meet with any unforeseen circumstances.

Blue Tooth GPS Receivers Have Many Applications

Blue Tooth GPS receivers are a by-product of the great combination of two interesting technologies. Devices with Blue Tooth GPS receivers have recently become more popular and newer models are being introduced at a greater pace than before as users become more familiar with them. There are more people who can vouch for the usefulness of Blue Tooth GPS receivers for various types of tasks. For the uninitiated, it might be a little challenging to select a suitable Blue Tooth GPS receiver. Fortunately, a lot of information is available on the Internet. You can do your research and due diligence before you purchase a Blue Tooth GPS receiver for yourself. You can either get information regarding specific models or comparisons between various models with information regarding functions, features and prices.

There are many different models of Blue Tooth GPS receivers. Listed below are some of the more popular models.

1) HAiCOM Bluetooth Slipper HI-401BT

This Blue Tooth GPS receiver is setup easily with a couple of buttons. This receiver allows you to receive satellite signals and send information to your portable PC devices without any wires. However if you are out hiking, you just have to attach it to your belt loop and if you are in the car, just set the Blue Tooth GPS receiver onto the back of the car and you can be assured that you can get good quality signals.

What is good about this Blue Tooth GPS receiver is that if there is problem with the power, the solar panel can be activated to provide additional power. The normal running time for this model is about 8 to 14 hours but with the solar panel, you are able to get an extra 12 hours only if you have adequate sunlight shining on it. What’s more, you can get the model for just under $ 50.

2) AVL Blue Tooth GPS Receiver

This model is very suitable for the urban jungle. It is able to scan 16 GPS channels simultaneously for up to 20 hours of normal use. It also contains a rechargeable battery system.

3) Globalsat BE-328 Blue Tooth GPS Receiver

This Blue Tooth GPS receiver is very popular as it has the best value for its price. It is universally compatible with any Bluetooth compliant serial interface and has a long battery life of 16 hours of continuous use. This device works as long it is within the range of 10 meters with another Bluetooth device. However, if it does not detect another Bluetooth device within 10 minutes, it will power down automatically thus saving your battery life. The conserved energy can be used to connect when there is a suitable Blue Tooth device nearby. In addition, you can have all the above functions in a Blue Tooth GPS receiver at an average price of about $ 100. Now that is great value for money.

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