The Wonders Of GPS Fleet Tracking Systems

As the cost of modern technology continues to reduce, GPS fleet tracking systems are becoming an invaluable, affordable resource for fleet management teams around the world. Offering increased productivity and security and a decrease in loss of profits, GPS can bring many benefits to your company, allowing you to maximise the rewards and minimise the risks.

Vehicle tracking is a technology that allows you to monitor the exact locations of all your fleet, the speed they are driving, when they stop and start their journeys as well as a whole other host of features. Through utilizing Global Positioning Systems (GPS), satellites orbiting the earth are able to transmit information back to us via a GPS receiver.

With information from at least three satellites in the sky the GPS receiver can calculate its position on the surface of the earth to 5 to 20 feet. For the most accurate reading, the receiver needs a direct line of sight with the satellite which is why GPS accuracy tends to be limited both indoors and in built up areas where tall buildings may impair the receivers view of the sky.

Once the receiver has calculated its position, information is stored in the vehicle tracking system located inside the vehicle. Every few minutes the tracking system will send details of the location back to a remote server at a secure location using the mobile phone network. Your computers can then access this information via the internet and this is transferred on a digital map of the area for greater visibility.

Fleet tracking provides many benefits for vehicle management teams, such as the opportunity to allocate the closet vehicles to particular jobs. Like a taxi service, if your business involves responding to jobs as they come in throughout the day, then instantly identifying the closet vehicle to a specific location can save time as well as fuel. With all your fleet clearly visible, you are able to allocate jobs more efficiently. Managers are able to monitor how much time your drivers are spending in transit versus on-site. Depending on the nature of your business will determine which is more effective for your workers to be engaging in.

It also provides transparency to employee’s movements. Knowing where your workforce is throughout the day and having the control to effectively manage their daily activities will save you a great deal of time wastage and an improvement in productivity.

Fleet tracking systems are also excellent for improving your customer service and enhancing expectations. Upon contact from your customers, perhaps enquiring where a delivery is, you are able to give them an instant update to the driver’s location, rather than having to make a number of calls to determine his position. As a result, you will be able to offer a premier service to your customers.

While some companies allow for personal vehicle usage out of work hours, it is not uncommon for this benefit to be abused, leading to increased fuel charges and maintenance costs. Vehicle tracking prevents this from occurring as you are able to keep a close eye on out-of-hours usage. Similarly, if any disputes arise, perhaps concerning delivery times or perhaps hours worked, GPS fleet tracking systems allow you to closely check the finer details to provide an accurate recording of such details, saving you money and time.

Aware they are being closely monitored; drivers will tend to keep within the speed limits, reducing your fuel consumption, maintenance, accidents and even your insurance liability. Tracking systems also allow you to identify the location of your vehicle if it is stolen.

Clearly there are many benefits attached to investing in a GPS fleet tracking system for your company and very little disadvantages. Perhaps the only major qualm drivers argue is an invasion of their privacy. However those working in an office have their movements, emails and hours monitored every week and it shouldn’t really be any different because you are out on the road. Working hours effectively belong to our employers and if installed, fleet tracking systems can bring maximum benefits to your company.

Dominic Donaldson is an expert in GPS Technology
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