The Importance of GPS and Fleet Management Software

If your business is built on a fleet of vehicles for delivery, transportation or installation services, consider using GPS (global positioning system) software to manage and monitor your fleet vehicles. Through using a GPS tracking for fleet management, the GPS software software will cut fuel and maintenance costs, ensure faster delivery times and keep your drivers safe on the road. Here are seven ways using a GPS tracker will help your business:

1. Lower fuel consumption

Fuel costs today are at an all time high and cutting unnecessary gas costs now will save you money in the long run. Through vehicle tracking, you will lower fuel consumption and costs from vehicles being idle or taking unnecessary detours. You can also audit fuel purchases by being able to track your fleet vehicles’ fuel consumption.

2. Track mileage

Using a vehicle tracker eliminates the frustrating process of having to track the mileage of multiple vehicles in a fleet. Whether your have delivery vehicles or company cars driving to and from meetings, you should track mileage to account for the money spent on transportation when budgeting for operating costs. For tax and auditing purposes, it is important to know how much mileage each employee is reporting. Tracking mileage will also help determine how many hours each employee has worked, which will save time in calculating pay checks.

3. Monitor driver performance

Through tracking the mileage and location of your vehicles, you can monitor the effectiveness of driver performance or catch unproductive driving behaviors. GPS tracking helps in providing transparency in employee behavior and accuracy in driver performance and delivery. Vehicle tracking will help determine who is a responsible driver or not, which will help with employee performance reviews.

4. Improve customer service and estimated delivery time

Through GPS tracking for fleet management, you can receive alerts and notifications when your vehicles enter or exit a specified perimeter to let you know if they arrive or leave on time. These alerts will allow you to provide reliable delivery times in the future in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

5. Create more efficient delivery routes

With the ability to monitor where and when a vehicle is in real time, you can create faster and more efficient delivery routes. GPS tracking will allow you to compare route mileage and time to help with future travel and transportation estimates.

6. Track vehicle and road safety

You should use GPS tracking not only to save on costs but for the safety of your fleet vehicle drivers and for the surrounding public on the roads. GPS tracking will monitor and record vehicle speed in order to curb any illegal or unsafe behavior from drivers.

7. Manage the maintenance of your vehicles

A GPS tracker will provide a way to manage vehicle maintenance for multiple vehicles in a fleet. By being able to monitor the temperature level in trucks and your vehicles, you can see whether your vehicles will need to be worked on in the future.

With rising fuel costs , it is important now than ever to monitor driver performance and behavior using GPS tracking for fleet management. Get a GPS tracker to mange and improve the efficiency of your fleet vehicles. GPS tracking cuts down on fuel costs, allows businesses to plan faster routes, provide accurate travel and delivery times and ensures a safe driving environment for fleet drivers and the surrounding public.

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