The Garmin 60 Cx Is An Impressive And Accurate Hand-Held GPS Tracking Device With Many Uses

With the Garmin 60 cx, of the first things new users find is how quickly the unit will locate and lock unto several satellites right out of the box. Then they will find as they are out and about the same will hold true in the most challenging circumstances. It seems whether in deep canyons, heavy forests, in cities or in storms, the signal will be maintained.

Many of those experienced with these devices insist on reliability being based on an ability to acquire at least 4 satellites for a 3-D fix on your position and this unit will fit that criteria. Users comment quite favorably about the high resolution that is provided by the color screen. It is designed to be clear and easily read in almost every environment. With the expandable memory, this unit will fulfill nearly every thing demanded from it.

This unit is very durable and designed to be carried in the toughest environments. It is made with a impact and water resistant casing. Maps can be downloaded or preloaded MicroSD cards can be added with different features. One benefit users like is that long-lasting power can be provided by simple AA batteries instead of special battery packs.

Besides being great assets for driving, hiking, or boating activities, one of the most popular uses is for geocaching. This practice is made up of a world-wide group of those that set out any variety of items to be found and logged by others. Details are uploaded to websites that will describe the ‘treasure’ and whether they are located on privately-owned land or in public areas.

One of the most popular websites dedicated to geocaching states there are over 1 million active caches worldwide being sought out by 4-5 million participants. They have over 4 million posts each month that are related logs regarding found caches. They also provide information regarding the different types of caches being offered from the most simple find and add your notation, to those that require finding several, maybe solve puzzles, or get clues to continue.

Some of the events that are set up include events where areas are cleaned up as participants hunt for the hidden ‘treasures’ and are called “Cache In Trash Out Events”. Others are larger events and there are those that are theme-based like earth sciences or learning experiences for newcomers. One of the most common ‘rules’ and there are few, is that if something is taken from a cache, you are to leave something to replace it.

The Garmin 60 cx is a very practical, expandable unit that can be used on land, in the air and on water. There are several very beneficial addons that will provide even more expandability. Many have found it a very worthwhile investment to involve the family in exploring and enjoying the great outdoors in ways never available before quite like it is with a GPS device.

The Garmin 60 is a dependable and complete hand-held GPS device. For details regarding cost, features and accuracy, you should visit the website at .