Technological Advancements Made to Service Dog Equipment

Your dog is no longer considered to be just a pet; most families now consider them to be another member of their family. Many pet parents will go to any length to protect their dog. This includes purchasing a GPS dog collar. A GPS Dog collar will enable a pet owner to keep track of where their dog is at all times. The process is now as simple as hitting a few buttons on your cell phone. GPS collars are excellent for dogs in law enforcement. This is one piece of service dog equipment that will enable the police force to get an upper hand.

Even though modern technology has enabled manufacturers to add GPS to a variety of different products the average consumer still does not understand how GPS operates. While the explanation on how the universal GPS system works can be complicated, explaining how to operate an individual unit can be made simple. When you are trying to locate a dog that is wearing a GPS collar, you simply need to turn on the GPS system located on your cell phone. The moment the unit is activated it will send an SMS directly to the receiver. The SIM card in the receiver will respond with its location. Within seconds, you will be able to locate the animal. Because of its durability this is quickly becoming a law enforcement service dog equipment requirement.

If your dog has a tendency of break out of the backyard or if your police dog is chasing a suspect, you will be able to locate them by using the GPS locator. A good percentage of the GPS service dog equipment comes with reflective coloring. Reflective glow in the dark dog collars are perfect for service dogs to use any time they are in the field. Not only will you be able to track your service dog by using the GPS system you will also be able to see them from a distance or at night. What makes this reflective collar so extraordinary, is that it uses the highest quality reflective material available on the market today. This is the same material used in designing fire and safety gear that most emergency service personnel use. This material will provide your service dog equipment with the utmost optimal glow. The material used is non-toxic and self charging. Simply, expose the material to full daylight for a short amount of time and the collar will be restore to a full luminance state.

With ever-increasing demand, the market for GPS collars is growing. Currently there is not a great range of different collars to choose from, and those collars being marketed are generally quite big still. Advances are quickly being made however, that will allow manufacturers to produce smaller, cheaper and more effective trackers.

Different collars use different combination’s of radio, satellite and cellphone coverage, and sometimes all three to ensure optimum tracking ability. Because they are designed to be worn by pets, they are usually made to be extra durable and water resistant.

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