GLOBALFOUNDRIES, silicon mobility deliver the industry’s first automotive FPCU to boost performance for hybrid and electric vehicles

GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Silicon Mobility today announced they have successfully produced the industry’s first automotive Field Programmable Controller Unit (FPCU) solution, called OLEA® T222. The FPCU solution uses GF’s 55nm Low Power Extended (55LPx) automotive qualified technology platform, which includes Silicon Storage Technology’s (SST) SuperFlash® memory technology, to integrate multiple functions onto a single chip, boosting(…)

Improve Your Company’s Productivity by Employing GPS Technology in Your Vehicles

Avec la croissance massive remarqué dans les industries partout dans le monde, la demande pour des transports est sur l’augmentation de côté. Pour votre connaissance, le transport n’est pas seulement considéré comme un moyen simple d’aller chercher de l’ & livraison de marchandises, mais aussi une façon d’améliorer votre entreprise de la fiabilité et de(…)

Monitor Your Motor Vehicles And Staff Members Driving Them With Mobile Tracking Equipment

If you’re trying to keep an eye on where your vehicles are, whether they be for private personal use or even business uses, you’ll need vehicle tracking. Know precisely where all your vehicles are at any time, regardless of where they may be. There are lots of advantages to monitoring cars with GPS, as well(…)

Personal Vehicle Tracking Devices for Intelligent Vehicles

The most basic applications for the positioning capabilities provided by the GPS tracker are those providing the user/operator with information regarding their current location, where they have been, and more recently, where they are going. These systems include today’s wide assortment of handheld devices, which provide the user with their current location, speed and elevation,(…)