Tracking Your Order By Telephone

Tracking a package has been the greatest advantage of increased communications among courier drivers over the last twenty five years. Many years ago, the only updates on a packages movements would come when the vehicles carrying them moved through certain checkpoints where they would pickup new packages and drop off others. The fact that the(…)

Vehicle Tracking On The Increase

Big Brother is everywhere. I’m not talking about the channel four reality (if you can call it that) TV show, I’m talking about people watching your every move, your every word, your every action, your every reaction… CCTV is everywhere, which is a good thing, if only they improved the quality of the cameras so(…)

Types of GPS (Global Positioning System = Tracking Systems) Available For Your Vehicle

Traveling around new places has become a great deal easier with the advent of Global Positioning System (GPS). Earlier, when we planed an excursion to a new destination we were often concerned about navigation our way in the unknown vicinity. People used to hire guides for the purpose, which definitely burnt hole in their pockets.(…)

Maximize Growth with Digital Dispatcher’s Fleet Tracking Tools

Track your vehicles’ progress with sophisticated tracking devices which can generate the data on the vehicle location, what jobs have been completed, upcoming jobs, and available inventory. You can access all this information from your mobile computer or tablet from anywhere, anytime and can feel more control over your business. The fleet tracking system software(…)

The Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Services

Keeping tab on company vehicles has become part of industry standard. Remember, the cost benefit is huge. Improvements in customer relations and employee, reducing repair costs and fuel, increased productivity help in making vehicle tracking services cost-effective decision. The benefits from GPS vehicle tracking Vehicle tracking system is of two types, which include VHF radio(…)