Panel indicators boast high-intensity LEDs

Foremost Electronics is targeting its new high-voltage LED panel indicators at industrial equipment, defense and naval systems, fairground and leisure equipment, heavy plant and industrial vehicles, power stations, steel foundries, and coal mines. The MARL 671 Series is designed for fixed and portable equipment an Electronic Products Technology Center Articles

Los conectores ópticos, tomas de simplificar el diseño del panel

Acantilado de la Electrónica ha puesto a su disposición una amplia gama de conectores ópticos y los enchufes de audio de alta calidad de los sistemas, la difusión, instalaciones AV, cine en casa, comunicaciones, redes, equipos médicos, industriales, de control y adquisición de datos. de Productos Electrónicos en el Centro de Tecnología de Artículos

3 Reasons to Use PCB Panel Routing Techniques

Most PCBs are individually routed — meaning they’re not panelized. That doesn’t mean that, sometimes, sending them to a PCB assembler in a panel isn’t a good idea or even required. Generally assemblers don’t require panels — sometimes called a pallet — but there are some cases when they do. Electronic Products Technology Center Articles