5 apps that Make Your iPhone Secure

Kryptos (for Secure VoIP calls)Most politicians, tycoons and government officials discuss confidential and top secrets on mobile phone calls, therefore they often employ the use of Kryptos, it gives a service that enables you make calls over an IP (internet protocol), in such a way that your privacy is protected and no one would be(…)

Apps to enjoy iPhone more than ever

The way Apple has proven its potential serving the world with gadgets and gizmos for the betterment of the society; no one can replace its contribution in the technology. iPhone is also one of the most popular brand among the users of mobile phones. Though iPhone is a costly device, it has created wonders in(…)

Best Fitness Apps

Skimble ( is a FREE online fitness application (with mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android) that offers fun, dynamic and social applications geared towards getting people active. The company motto is “inspiring active lifestyles” … and they’ve found a way of doing just that! Skimble Online The Skimble website is an online social networking(…)