Stay Safe, Stay on Track

We are on the road almost as long as we spend indoors, especially those of us who have to commute long distances daily. So it is important that we don’t get lost when we have take a detour due to traffic or weather conditions or even when we have to go to a new place for work or leisure. A GPS car tracker has become a must have facility for many, especially those who have high security risks. It is a small tracking device that is easily fitted to domestic or commercial vehicles and gives complete information, either live or passively, via a memory chip as to distance, direction and speed travelled. Some use it for covertly keeping tabs on the driver.

GPS tracking can instantly pinpoint their locations to people and find sites of local interest, shops or wandering children without any fuss at all. It can help you with maps and street guides or restaurant and estate agent programs so that you can find places to eat, sleep and entertain yourself at the touch of a button. The latest in this range is the touchscreen GPS navigator. When you use this device you will never have to ask for directions from passersby. Some GPS trackers are designed to monitor and track movements of laptop computers if the computer is lost or stolen.

However, if security is the larger concern, then these trackers ensure that your location is instantly known to those responsible for your security or that of your family. It makes sense to add bulletproof windows to ward off armed attack. When you do make your purchase be sure to check to see if the company has bullet resistant fiberglass and bullet proof glass that has been certified to UL752 standards. If it does not meet these requirements then it is not guaranteed to protect you or anyone else in the event of a shooting bullet. If you intend to go into an area which has a poor law and order record or where armed robbery and other criminal activities are par of the course, then you should be thinking in terms of going there garbed in bulletproof vests or jackets. One of the first things to consider when choosing concealable bullet proof vests or jackets is the ability to look natural, whether you’re wearing bullet resistant vests under your clothing or a jacket.

If your front door or business has a glass window or glass door you are a sitting duck if someone wants to gain entry through the use of force. Bullet proof doors and windows are the way to go in that case. Bullet proof glass can withstand not just one but a numerous number of bullet rounds. There are many layers of protection that you can get depending on what type of bullets you want to prevent.

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