Securing Box Trailers – Important Decision!

Box trailers are a very famous secure option in Sydney for transporting valuable goods. What you need to do? You must secure your box trailer before anything happens. The more security you use, the less likely it is that your property will be stolen.

Insurance is an important protection device, but it should be one that is rarely used. It is much better to protect your assets from theft and vandalism by making them unattractive targets. Security setup should be in place 24/7 to track those assets and secure their prompt recovery by law enforcement if something happens.

The best you can do to protect your box trailer is to make sure some sort of device is fitted making it hard for the opportunist thief to take your trailer. This also applies when you have left your trailer out and gone to work at some place where you can’t look forward for your trailer. Trailers, job trucks, and equipment are often left unattended at the jobsite or office after hours, when darkness makes theft or vandalism very easy. You need to be more careful! Most businesses carry insurance to cover losses from theft and vandalism, but it only pays for the loss of the vehicle(s), trailer and equipment. As an owner, you might not get full replacement value for your loss of your valuable stuff and you certainly won’t get paid for lost time spent with the police and insurance agent, or for the time and out of pocket expenses it will take to replace all that you have lost.

It’s recommendable to use GPS tracking devices, which are configured to wake up at intervals or when the assets are moved. Once located the information is posted to either PC or mobile device, sending location and time to the owner. Most of you usually lock your Box trailers and equipment when they aren’t being used and park them in secure areas. Some of you even employ alarm systems. However keeping vehicles and equipment safe and secure goes far beyond such basics and, in fact, is a multi-layered process that must not be ignored.

You can search on the Sydney market or beyond for more options of protection. This is just one type of it. So, take time and think about your investment costs and the benefits of it, and you will make the right choice. Box trailers are your transportation “partner” in your business after all!