Review of the Forerunner 205

If you are a professional athlete, you will definitely want to own the Garmin Forerunner GPS 201 watch. It has a huge selection of special components for the athlete. It comes with a GPS sensor, an electronic map, exercise session change and reversal capabilities, calorie tracker, lap details and record, performance archives, auto stopwatch with auto-lap and auto pause features, lap timer, pace alert, distance alert, free Training Center software, a flexible wristwatch strap, and an A/C desktop charger with a serial port.

The GPS 201 is perfect for a professional as well as a more casual athlete. It mostly takes care of the pacing and tracking aspects. This unit offers plenty of plus points, but its major design error would have to be that it does not work predictably. This is the reason why you would not consider it perfect. Its dimensions of 3.3 ? 1.7 ? 0.7 make it appear more bulky than a normal fitness watch; actually it is lighter than it looks, as it weighs only 2.8 ounces. The watch is waterproof and hence it can be worn by swimmers or by sports participants in rainy or wet weather conditions.

The GPS 201 can store a lap record history of as many as 5000 laps and offers many more options that you are able to tinker with to match up with your own needs and specific requirements. A very important feature the watch offers is the Training Center Software. This is an apt tool for you to use to store your workout details and can also help you see ways in which they would vary along your path, particularly if there are elevations. The Virtual Partner feature makes it easy for you to set goals that you want to reach. You just have to compare your current performance with that of your friend.

The GPS function of this 201 model is disliked by many buyers because the signal is sketchy at times. Added to that, they also dislike the inconsistencies in components like altitude and pace readings. This navigator does not come with a heart rate monitor. Today, when many of the computer interfaces are USB compatible, this unit still lags behind with a serial port facility.

The wristband of the Forerunner 201 GPS Fitness Watch is of flexible dimensions, enabling you to flaunt the watch by wearing it on your wrist or your bicep as you wish. Its LCD display screen is a joy to read in well-lit conditions as well as in darkness. The rechargeable lithium alloy battery lasts for 14 hours before losing power. It appears to be quite alright for runners, but may not work as well for bicycling, etc.

Overall, the Garmin Forerunner GPS 201 is a watch with a lot of benefits. The training Center software and the Virtual partner features warrant special mention. Ultimately, its patchy GPS signaling is its only flaw.

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