Relays, Triangulation, GPS, and You

Where did the GPS system come from and how does it work? While it wasn’t always available to the public, it has quickly evolved as the favorite means of navigation by nearly everyone. The Global Positioning System (GPS) has become the de facto navigation system for the entire world. Today, you can find a GPS system in almost every new car model, on cell phones, and several other devices.

Global position systems were developed by the United States military to effectively trace the flight of intercontinental ballistic missiles. In 1983, after a Korean passenger flight was shot down by Russia jet fighters for inadvertently violating Russian airspace,Ronald Reagan made it available to the private sector. He was convinced, perhaps rightly so, that it could be used to prevent future catastrophes. It has since evolved into more than a military positioning device.

In theory, global positioning is simple to comprehend. The U.S. government has approximately 30 satellites in orbit at any given moment. These satellites send out a constant stream of microwave signals back down towards the earth. A GPS tracking system on the ground receives the signal from the satellite. It then calculates the exact position, direction, and speed of itself based on these signals. Each time the receiver gets a signal from the satellite, the new calculations are made immediately then relayed as coordinates.

Millions of vehicles are now equipped with GPS tracking systems. They tend to be reasonably priced and easy to install. They can all provide turn-by-turn directions to any contiguous location. Most are even voice enabled, telling you to “turn at the next right” so you can keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. One of the newest devices to get GPS capabilities is the iPhone. Having detailed maps in your cell phone opens up a world of possibilities for everyone.

GPS tracking has the potential to help many people in every walk of life. If you’re lost, you definitely will be wishing that you had one at your disposal. At some point, we all need a map and need to know where we’re at. GPS is an advanced way to make your life easier. In the end, we could all use a little bit of help.

Drivers, guardians, and companies that need GPS tracking systems as a matter of course are encouraged to get the right model for the right occasion.