Pocket Business Card Holder and Pocket Advertising

Efficiently Mobile

You’re ready for a business meeting out of town. You have your laptop, mobile phone, and GPS tracker. Your documents are neatly arranged in your briefcase. You are stuffed to the gills with credit cards and you look spiffy in your business suit. Are you set? Not yet. You need to plop your pocket business card holder into your coat pocket because you cannot pass up the chance of money-making leads that may come your way.

Business ethics call for the presentation of business cards when you are introduced to another individual. The purpose of the card is to help the person remember your name and your business and he has a number to call in case there’s a deal to be offered. Wouldn’t it be handy to have your pocket business card holder the very instant you need it instead of writing your name and number on a piece of table napkin?

A pocket business card holder slides into your shirt pocket without trouble, especially the soft leather kind that has an ID window and slots for credit cards. Hence, a business card holder of this type is convenient and not so obvious like the traditional credit card case you have on your office desk or in your briefcase.

In the Pocket Advertising

The business card is the cheapest way to advertise your business. You do not need to hire big advertising companies and pay them big bucks. All you need is an effectively designed business card that has your business and name spelled right and your contact numbers in the correct order. To keep them crisp store them in a pocket business card holder.

What else would you need to boost your sales through advertising without the cost? Good PR counts so always match your business card with good business ethics. Essentially, it is all about good manners, keen observation, and the finesse to chase and close a sale.

The financial investment takes less than a grand if you make the business cards using craft paper and your computer savvy. The non-financial investment will demand your commitment and desire to make profitable deals, have satisfied customers, and a wide base of loyal clients. Put the two together and you have the advertisement you need, albeit on a smaller scale, but this will do for starters.

Choose a pocket business card holder that will make an impression because looks count. A shabby looking business card holder may send a different message so opt for the best ones around that boast of top grain Napa leather in black, brown, or cognac. More importantly, do not run out of business cards!

After you have distributed your business cards, expect to receive cards in return so you can call to invite the person to a company trade fair, party or to a business meeting. Call your prospect at the right time when you have something to offer because like you, they have no time for idle chat. But if you have a proposal, your call will be welcome. So polish up that pocket business card holder and get going.

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