Pet GPS-Never Be Afraid of Losing Your Pet Again!

I have experienced what it’s like to go outside and not know where my dog is. I do not wish this feeling on anyone who loves their pet. Anyone reading this that has experienced this can relate.

I went in the yard and called her “Come here Chyna”. Chyna usually comes running as soon as she hears the door open, so her not responding to my call was a bad sign. When I walked around the side of the house I didn’t see her.

I instantly panicked, because I knew she must have gotten out of the fence. This posed various problems in my neighborhood. Chyna is a pit bull terrier, a very friendly one, but still a pit bull. In most cases people are automatically scared of pit bulls.

Now Chyna does not even realize that she is a big dog, she wouldn’t intentionally hurt anyone. The possibility of someone taking her was also in my thoughts. When you are as beautiful as Chyna is, getting stolen is always an option. She’s soo beatiful…

Any how, I knew she couldn’t have gone to far because she was only outside for a minute, so she could answer natures call. At this very moment I saw the value of having a Pet GPS tracker.

If I would have had a Pet GPS tracker I wouldn’t have been so scared. The solution would have been to either get on my computer or just look at the LCD screen on the RoamEo GPS Tracker.

Having a RELIABLE Pet GPS is also a key factor in your peace of mind. I love the RoamEo because it has an LCD screen and can track multiple dogs at once. You can track your dog for up to 3 miles away!

You can also build a virtual fence by walking around any area that you want your dog to stay in. This tracker is a great bargain, because there are no monthly membership fees or anything like that. Once you purchase it you are ready to go! And just to let you all know, when I did finally find Chyna…she was in doggy jail and would have to stay there over the weekend. We would have never had to experience this if we had our Pet GPS. Hopefully after reading this no one else will have to endure this type of feeling!

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