Pet GPS Can Track Your Pet Before It Gets Lost

Pets are part of the family, not just some animal. They are there to greet us when we come home with wagging tail. But when we open that door and there is no furry friend, it is easy to start panicking. But if you have a pet GPS, you will already that they are not in the house.

There are a lot of different types of pet GPS to choose from but they will all have a transmitter that stays on your pet, usually on a collar. They are battery operated and, in many cases, will let you know automatically when they need to be replaced. The transmitters will send you a message when your pet is not where it is supposed and give you its location. Or, anytime you wish to know where your pet is, you can ask the transmitter to tell you.

Different models of pet tracking devices use different technology to send signals. Some use radio frequencies. At least one uses mobile phone triangulation, rather than true GPS. Others use cell phone modems to transmit their information.

GPS technology is used in most brands of pet tracking devices. Brands differ in the features that they offer. Many can be programmed with safe areas, in some cases up to ten, where your pet can be without concern. When it is outside one of these areas, the tracker knows that it needs to start working. Messages can be sent to you with location information in a variety of ways such as fax, phone, email and text or instant messaging.

There is some controversy over the effectiveness of GPS tracking for pets. Most of this discussion revolves around the idea that someone stealing your pet will just throw the collar away and the tracking will be worthless. But, if your animal is lost or runs away, then this technology could turn out to be priceless.

Battery life is another concern for some. However, many GPS devices will inform you when batteries are weak. And, though they may run out while the pet is lost, you will at least have some information as to the general direction it was traveling. Some brands can tell you where your pet has been for the last week.

Many times, the GPS tracking device is compared to the pet microchip. While these are sometimes referred to as GPS chips, that is an incorrect term. They do not use GPS. Rather, they need to be scanned to read the information on them. If your pet is lost or somehow ends up at a vet or animal shelter, chips can be instrumental in the return of your pet. If, however, your pet is lost in the countryside, the chip will be of no use.

Whether a pet GPS is a good idea for you is going to depend, in part, on your individual pet. But, particularly if you have one that is an escape artist, you should be able to use this technology to reel him in before he gets too far away.

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