Personal Vehicle Tracking Devices for Intelligent Vehicles

The most basic applications for the positioning capabilities provided by the GPS tracker are those providing the user/operator with information regarding their current location, where they have been, and more recently, where they are going. These systems include today’s wide assortment of handheld devices, which provide the user with their current location, speed and elevation, as well as track their most recent movements. More complex devices integrate navigation capabilities, which map the user’s position information onto a map database, and use that information to provide the user with text-based or graphical directions to their destination.

The most common types of location-based services available in intelligent vehicles today are emergency and concierge/assist services. These services are accessed using a system combining gps vehicle tracking device and wireless communication technology with a very basic user interface. This provides the vehicle operator with an on-demand wireless voice link to a call centre staffed 24 hours a day. At the time the wireless connection is initiated, the coordinates of the vehicle are transmitted to the call centre, indicating the exact position of the vehicle. This allows the call centre to provide timely and appropriate services relevant to the location of the customer. These services are available today in multiple vehicle models from several manufacturers, and will likely become standard features in the near future on many vehicle lines.

The most common emergency services being offered today include the notification of emergency response personnel in the case of an accident, and the notification of automotive service personnel in the case of a vehicle malfunction. When one of these events occurs, the appropriate local authorities are vectored to the exact position of the vehicle by the call centre, using the uploaded Car tracking device positioning data to pinpoint the location of the vehicle. In some systems, the contact with the call centre can be made automatically if the system detects that an incident has occurred, upon the deployment of an airbag, for example. Other systems rely on a vehicle occupant to initiate the contact, even in the case of an accident. In the case of a vehicle malfunction, most systems today require the vehicle operator to initiate the call to the service centre.

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