Obtaining Information From A GPS Tracking System

GPS tracking system is a high-end gadget of the modern era, intended to determine the position of a vehicle, person or an asset to which the device is connected. So far it is the most convenient device to get information about a remote asset in regular intervals.

After its introduction in 1978, when it was in its experimental stage, it has become an essential and practical technology to meet high expectations of people in the direction of monitoring remote assets. As the name Global Positioning System suggests the device can be used anywhere on the earth. The technology behind the function of GPS is related to global positioning of the satellites moving round the earth.

However, your GPS tracking system will work only if you have access to Global Positioning System and a GPS receiver. The GPS satellites transmit the information to the receivers and it becomes easy to calculate the location, speed and direction of the asset connected to it. For an effective calculation of position, it is essential for the GPS receiver to receive transmission from three or more satellites.

The information that is stored in the receiver unit is transmitted to a database that can be accessed through the internet or mobile phone. Usually, the GPS tracking system give real time information with a map on their background to display the exact location of the tracked object. However, the downside of the device is that it can hardly trace an object placed inside a building.

Now, it is clear that the GPS receiver is able to receive the information only and store it in a database. Hence, you must need another device or technology to access the information from the database for independent positioning and timing info. A cellular phone modem is the a technology for the purpose; thereby causing it an essential part of a GPS tracking system. There are different possibilities through which it is convenient to obtain the position information.

1 – The modem can be programmed with your mobile number and a timer is set to get information on that particular intervals of time. Adjusting the time interval is just a matter of calling the modem and changing some settings.

2 – Program your cell phone modem as a mobile phone with its own number that allows sending small text messages. Whenever you want any information about the position of your asset, just call the modem`s phone number and you will get an SMS message coordinating with the position.

3 – If you have installed suitable software and map on your mobile phone, the message locating the position on a map can be translated to the mobile phone screen.

All the above three technologies have got same kind of advantages. You can use them without a service contract and without paying for monthly fee. This even will nott allow anyone to know about you using these technologies. As per the disadvantage, in the first two cases you have to translate the SMS text to a position on the map. However, for the third option, you need to purchase the software and the maps.

It is also possible to view the information through Internet or a mobile phone with Internet facility. This possibility allows you check the real-time as well as past information.

The ultimate way is to use a mobile phone with GPS tracking system.

You may be wondering how the system can work in an area where there is no coverage of cell phone. The only solution is to replace the cell phone modem with a satellite modem.

GPS is a free service and is provided for the benefits of public. It has come up as a useful technology in every sector where monitoring remote asset is essential. Thanks to this new age technology, it has reduced the burden of insecurity to a large extent and enhanced performance when used for professional purpose.

Roberto Sedycias works as IT consultant for www.polomercantil.com.br