Newer Ways to Preserve Memories

One of the greatest boons of the advances in electronic technology has been that there are now newer ways to preserve memories. One of the major ways that anyone who wants to capture a moment and freeze it for all time to come is to take a photograph and frame it. With most cameras being digital these days displaying those priceless moments can get limited to online or other computer based means. Of course, now you have options like using a keychain digital photo frame. With every digital camera there is a slot for an SD memory card, some cameras come fully equipped with these memory cards and some cameras the card has to be purchased separately.

Digital pictures can be displayed on a number of items. Digital frames can sit on table tops, desks and can be hung on walls. To keep pictures with you all the time a digital photo keychain is a great option. Almost everyone needs to use it and ample varieties are available in terms of designs, shapes and size. The keychain digital photo frame will hold and show up to 100 pictures. They are compact and will not weigh down the keys. The price of a key chain can vary greatly. The price tag reads heftier when the picture resolution is high and storage capacity is increased.

To make a computer or a TV function as a camera monitor, it would need a DVR card, or a digital video recorder card. If you are looking to recording videos then and are starters in digital video recorders (DVR), you have to make a choice between purchasing a stand-alone DVR or PC-based DVR. There are a lot of DVR cards in the market so care should be taken in purchasing one for a security system, though there are many who recommend GeoVision DVR cards.

The GeoVision DVR cards are enabled by a software that provides you with the ability to expand a tree of year, month, then day and then displays a list of files that are in that folder. This allows you to click on a file and playback the video that is contained within that file. Which one suits you best all depends on whether you are using it for security and surveillance reasons or for storing personal milestones.

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