Never Lose Your Best Friend Again With A GPS Dog Collar

The GPS dog collar is a wonderful idea for anyone that finds themselves combing their neighborhood regularly for their lost dog. The technology has advanced and it is not so straight forward one unit transmitting its coordinates to another. People are using the collars to effectively train their animals or they are using the devices to expand on favorite pastimes with their pets.

Yelling at the dog as they are already running down the street is useless. Dogs learn when they are corrected when they are in act of wrongdoing. The GPS program can be programmed to alert you when your dog goes past the virtual fence that you program into your hand-held device.

With a GPS dog collar you can pinpoint your dog%u2019s location. Most of us are familiar with how a GPS tracking system works. For those who are not, there is a transmitter in the dog%u2019s collar that emits a signal. The satellites that orbit the Earth can pick up that signal. The satellites will then send their information back to your display unit or computer, thus giving you the coordinates of your dog%u2019s location.

You can set up two different boundary lines so that Fido when crosses the first line, you will be alerted and can be ready for when he crosses the next one. Repeated firm, verbal reprimands should be enough to remind him of where he is. However if your dog is a runner, you might want to use a long lead that is tied to something sturdy until you have recall control.

Strong rewards for your dog when he stays where he is supposed to be will help him maintain the boundary. Affirmation often works better than punishment and you want your dog to learn to stay close. Should the unthinkable happen and your dog is lured out of his boundary by an animal or an unscrupulous human you will have a better chance of him sticking around if he has been trained to stay within the boundaries.

Ultimately, you want to protect your dog from the dangers that are lurking out there in world. Between dog fighting rings that steal innocent pets to the highways that threaten the curious dog, you want to be able to reach your dog as soon as possible should he not be safe and secure in his home.

If you are an avid bird hunter, you may find this technology useful. You will know where your dog is at every minute and not have to worry about the dog running off after an animal and not being able to ever find them again. If you like to hike with your best friend you can let them wander off and not have worry about losing them.

They do not call them man%u2019s best friend for nothing, we love our dogs and they are a part of our families. A GPS dog collar is truly a gift for you and your little friend will probably love it, too.

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