Modern Fleet Management Solutions And Benefits To Business

Fleet management is an umbrella term that is used to describe the process of managing a fleet of vehicles, whether these are cars, trucks or even ships. Businesses that have vehicles realise the importance of effective management, and how it can improve the efficiency and profitability of a company. The following information hopes to highlight some of the major reasons that businesses utilise fleet management solutions.

Of these reasons some stand out as the most important to business owners. Firstly utilising fleet management applications is a way to reduce the risk of an investment in vehicles. Additionally, productivity tops the list of the most touted functions of effective management, whilst decreasing the movement costs is also an important element to implementation. Whatever the reasons popularity is growing; industry estimates have ascertained that that fleet management solution sales will exceed a million in the coming year, while in some industries; implementation will be at a level of around a third in percentage terms.

The core function of fleet management is concerned with vehicle tracking. On the market today there are a variety of devices that enable mangers to track the whereabouts of their vehicles, giving detailed information on the direction of travel, the speed as well as the vehicle’s movements over the last twenty four hours. Normally this form of solution utilises GPs technology to provide managers with an all encompassing method of tracking all the vehicles in the fleet no matter how far they are from the headquarters. As well as GPS technology however, some systems use cellular triangulation methods to give an indication of the vehicle location.

Another important purpose of having fleet management systems installed to a business is that the more advanced on the market have the provisions to highlight any important mechanical information. This is usually done by wiring the tracking device into the vehicle’s onboard computer. By doing this the manager is given information on the expected times of services, MOTs and oil changes. Add this to detailed information on mileage and the value of having such an expansive resource becomes clear; a well maintained vehicle will understandably be worth more money at the time of resale.

An added benefit to utilising a vehicle tracking system is that it allows managers to understand the behaviour of their drivers. For instance, with detailed information of vehicle direction and speed it is possible to pick up on any drivers who are excessively speeding and also wasting time or taking unscheduled breaks and detours. This is probably one of the most beneficial results as it can work towards increasingly profitability greatly.

With modern fleet management tools, it is even possible to increase the security of vehicles. By having information on the location of a vehicle, if it is stolen the task of tracing the vehicle is far easier. In addition, the most modern variants have the ability to disable a vehicle if happens to be stolen, by cutting out the engine power. This technology is extremely valuable in the securing of assets whilst also minimising the instances of loss of stock and goods.

The benefits of fleet management solutions are certainly abundant. Any discerning business owner will clearly see that by implementation they are actively working towards increasing the efficiency and profitability of their operations. While the initial outlay may put some people off, the resulting savings will soon make implementation a financially viable solution.

Business expert Thomas Pretty looks into fleet management technology and how it can benefit companies in terms of efficiency and profitability.

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