Mobile Locator & Mobile Tracker are Two Different Aspects of Mobile Tracking Technique

A lot of people use mobile phones in the world. If we see in our surrounding only it will be a rare chance to get a person who does not use mobile phones. Mobile phones have brought a drastic change in the infrastructure of the communication network. People can easily talk to anyone anytime anywhere this can also used as a tag line for mobile communication. Now the mobile phones are so modernized that that one can operate it without touching the screen of the mobile.
The mobile phones are not only limited for communication purpose. Mobile phones are enhanced to a level that they can be used for tracking purpose also. We have often seen in James Bond series how he traces the location of the criminals and catch them and sentenced to the jail. The same kind of tracking technology is used in mobile phones. In mobile phone tracking a device mobile tracker has been used which gives you the information of every second of the mobile phone whom you are intended to track. Such tracking gives us the complete record of the mobile phone that at what time the tracked number has received or made the call it also traces the number to whom it is calling and from the number he is receiving the call. In short it keeps all the details of the incoming and outgoing calls and the location of the area where ever the mobile phone is roaming through. The GPS (Global Positioning System) has enabled us to perform such operation regarding the tracking of the mobile phones.
Mobile Locator is the online service which helps out in getting the detail of the particular number. The kind of detail that can be sorted out by the mobile locator is the service operator name and the region where the number has been registered. For this no GPS is used to find the detail of the number. In such tracking technique simply a database is created consisting of all the mobile numbers of all Telecom companies operators separately by the online service provider and whenever a search is made regarding number it goes in database and fetch details which are pre stored in the database. These online service providers are the private firms who design the online services for the customer and make them access via internet without charging them. Most of the people have Question that whether the mobile locator gives the complete postal address of the number or not. So let me clear that such service provider are not at all authorized to give any personal detail that can misused by some mischievous mentality people.
Now it might be cleared why we say Mobile tracker and Mobile locator are the two different aspects of the mobile tracking technique.

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