Mobile Invoicing Software May be Linked to Actually Having Free Time

Right up there with top concerns like innovation and great employees, every business professional knows that data and time tracking is essential – not only for the benefit of your clients, but for your records, your peace of mind, and the success of your business. Professionals who charge by the hour, entrepreneurs and freelancers know that time tracking is crucial for accurate records. But you don’t have to be any of those things to benefit from great mobile accounting software. Time and billing programs can be used to keep accurate data of how long different projects take. It’s a smart way to plan for the future of your business.

Two important concerns for any small business owner are saving money and streamlining the work process. But lots of other companies know this, and there is a steady stream of software, tools and apps on the market that promise to be the only one you’ll ever need. It can be exhausting to stay on top of all the available products – which ones are worth the investment? What capabilities do you really need? Making an informed decision means assessing your work habits.

The best invoice tracker for your company depends on the type of work you and your employees do most of the time. If you’re frequently on the road, it makes sense to consider a business expense tracker that is accessible by a handheld device like an iPhone. Being able to take it with you means you’re less likely to forget to enter crucial information. You also won’t have to sit down later and enter data into a spreadsheet. Think of how much time that will save!

If your day is spent driving around and meeting with clients, you’ll want to consider a program that also keeps track of your mileage. This can be a huge money saver. Did you know that over fifty cents per mile is tax-deductible? Business mileage is one of the most underreported taxes, so with time tracking software that keeps a log of every mile you drive, the savings can really add up. This program tracks your mileage in in real time using GPS – and allows you to easily add trip details and double the mileage for round trips.

It may take a little time to make handheld tracking a habit, but once it is part of your routine, you will be rewarded – both fiscally and psychologically. Your workload will be considerably lightened, and you’ll and gain valuable insights for improving your business.

Profit sentry offers dynamic, user-friendly software that allows small business owners to track time, expenses, gas mileage and more from a mobile device. Save time and money with time billing program by putting your accounting department in the palm of your hand.

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