Meitrack GPS: Enterprise Quality-driven, Channel Bi-Win Focused

Chinese auto market is developing rapidly like wildfire, the GPS market flows with space for development as 17million vehicles increased annually and brings further opportunities for excavation of GPS market also.

The writer interviewed some GPS,IT sales fields in Guangzhou,Shenzhen and more, they all placed the GPS at a very striking position to catch the consumer’s eyes. Although the products attached the consumers a lot, but the lack of quality and service are still the problems that urgently needing to be solved. In 2011, with the attentive operation and effort of Top brands like Meiligao (Meitrack), the product quality and service of GPS industry have made great progress as well as the application and innovation accumulate certain experiences. The advantageous brands are ready to strike but not fully present their advantages now; they need a certain time to transit the brand content and quintessence to the customers by reliable channels.

On the basis of relevant industry survey, the following 4 sections influence the purchasing results: brand,product,distribution channel and supply according to the consumers’ actual consumption experience. Brand and product are the long-term effects, and product supply will influence the sales volume at specified time; however, the distribution channel influence more, for one side, channel and terminal touch consumers directly as well as provide an excellent and complete consumption experience with them, it’s surely the advancing position for conveying brand properties and product advantages; for the other side, distribution channel is the last section of product supply, strong,reliable,high rate of coverage channel can rest assured the enterprise input of products manufacture and supply.

The principle of Meiligao (Meitrack) GPS-domestic told the writer that, according to current GPS market, the enterprise must be quality-driven and focus on the distribution channel’s construction and control, the key points are manage and control precisely and accurately and better together to get more channel support, thus provide more space for the market. With the excellent idea “Credibility and integrity Quality Bi-win” Meiligao (Meitrack) GPS get a public praise from the industry and consumers at the research and development fields of GPS Personal Tracker,GPS VMT,GPS positioning system, Vehicle Tracking System etc. In the light of Chinese of GPS market, it’s not so easy to execute effective control and management.

Firstly, the distribution channels are complex. Besides traditional IT sales field, GPS has been already entered into home appliances sales mall,large-scale chain KA channel, with the growing up of E-commerce, some new-model channels such as network sales,direct sales,database sales present great potential at this market. Enterprise needs to coordinate the current and ready-to-be-explore distribution channel to establish a more suitable model to win in the fierce competition.

Secondly, the franchises’ scale are different and they operation independently, so it exist irregular and non-marketing factors like “commission on sales “,”areas goods trafficking” and so on. The enterprise needs to establish a win-win concept that can be accepted with all franchises and formulate strict price system to make sure all levels franchises’ benefit.

Thirdly, China is vase in area and varied in district, first,second,third,forth and different levels cities co-exist. Due to great different volume between multiple provincial markets, the economical level and potential customers are different. Multi-type,multi-area distribution channels accurate management is a new challenge to GPS manufacturing enterprise.

The industry expert suggest, the enterprise management should consider channel models,channel partners,sales team management,establish supporting system and maintain the improvement continuously,modern channel management and innovative methods and so on while ponder over distribution channels and terminal operation management model.

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