Maximize Growth with Digital Dispatcher’s Fleet Tracking Tools

Track your vehicles’ progress with sophisticated tracking devices which can generate the data on the vehicle location, what jobs have been completed, upcoming jobs, and available inventory. You can access all this information from your mobile computer or tablet from anywhere, anytime and can feel more control over your business. The fleet tracking system software can give you control over the activities of the drivers and field technicians. Digital Dispatcher is software which is used to track employee performance, vehicle location, job status and inventory levels real time and automatically. The software has been developed for almost any type of business, whether you are running a service or delivery business. Moreover, the application of the software can be downloaded on all the latest android-supported tablets or smart phones.

Work force optimization: Digital Dispatcher is a new generation of software that provides an easier to use full featured workforce management solution. The software has the capacity to assign tasks to drivers or technicians according to inventory type and time availability. The software optimizes and dispatches the field drivers and technicians, and gives them visual and audible turn by turn directions to locate their customers. Allowing them to reach the customers at the promised time to fulfill company commitments without added staffing or fleet costs. The total system allows field and office staff to immediately improve performance and helps supervisors manage, track and oversee operations from anywhere, anytime. It optimizes the management functions allowing them to focus on other pressing customer related activities.

The android device communicates wirelessly, and automatically tracks work status, generates work completed, and guides field employees with turn by turn directions. It also automatically captures work completion times, and location, allowing the controller to answer customer calls about the service time. The GPS location generated by the software is more reliable, and helps to keep the office records up to date automatically. It also generates routes for the drivers and helps them avoid high-traffic routes. Once installed customers report an immediate reduction in overtime costs, payroll costs, delivery costs and improved revenues. It allows delivery and service organizations to operate in a more organized and smarter way automatically and easily.

Digital Dispatcher’s fleet tracking and fleet management tools provide full route optimization, on-site invoicing, fleet tracking, and real time work order status. All is available on a tablet or mobile phone.


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