Marine GPS Devices – Navigation for When You Are on the Water

The Global Position System (GPS) is one of man’s best and most amazing inventions. It involves the use of the 32 navigational satellites to track a GPS receiver’s position with amazing accuracy, down to the nearest meter.

In times gone by the mariners were guided by the stars while on the sea. In modern times they depend on the GPS system while out navigating on the water. The marine GPS devices show seafarers their exact location and how to get to their chosen destination.

There are a wide variety of marine GPS units available today. One of their most important features is that they are waterproof and have various benefits that help you navigate out on the water. The units have pre-programmable databases for all the rivers and lakes as well as nautical markers for lights, buoys, sound signals and day beacons among other things.

Another benefit of a hand held marine GPS unit is the fact that fishermen have the prospect of capturing more fish because they have the GPS has the capability to show them the best spots to fish. This is achieved through the navigation maps which indicate on the gadget where there are currents underwater and if there are places where fish like to hide. The technology enables people to locate the caves and contours in the waterways. While on the water the GPS unit allows the fisherman or boatman to keeps his bearing.

The smaller marine GPS units have a lot of features and are portable as well. The gadgets contain bearings for longitudes and latitudes that assist one to establish sunset and sunrise. You can also save the routes and tracking points.

It is important before buying any marine GPS device to do your research and make comparisons so that you can settle for the best. In the market there are various marine GPs units. Some are small and handheld while others are more larger portable marine GPS. The screen displays are normally an LCD that is clear even in the harsh sunlight glaring off the water.

One of the more recent handheld marine GPS units is the Navigational Adventure. This device has a large 16MB storage space and an in built database for maps that include city locations, waterways, airports and highways of North America, and fixed nautical objects like buoys and lighthouses. There is also the displaying of bearings and knots. This device also has WAAS technology.

Another handheld marine GPS is the Mariner 260 which has a rugged outer shell that is waterproof and has a 155MB internal memory. The device has up to 1000 waypoints for the user and graphic symbols. The device can save up to 20 track logs thus enabling you to retrace your moves from both directions. It has an alarm, clock and a trip computer which offers an odometer.

In summary, these marine GPS units are quite important in the activities of all people who in one way or another find themselves at sea. Not only will a marine GPS unit make your trips out on to the water more trouble free and safe, they will also make it more enjoyable and exciting.

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