Manage Your Fleet More Efficiently With GPS Fleet Tracking

Making the most of your business’ fleet of vehicles is a very important part of a business owner’s responsibilities. Your fleet is the lifeblood of your business, generating revenue and creating opportunities for your business to expand into new territory. There are several solutions worth considering to help owners improve fleet performance and generate more revenue for their business.

One method of accomplishing these tasks is to do some in depth training of your drivers, maintenance crew, and dispatchers. You can instruct your drivers in some vehicle operation techniques that will help you save fuel and reduce the amount of wear and tear that your fleet experiences during the normal operation of your business.

Teach your drivers to avoid quick starts and stops, to obey posted speed limits (and to even drive under them on the freeways to help conserve gas), avoid unnecessary or excessive idling time, and to take efficient routes when traveling from location to location. This will help your business save on fuel another other fleet maintenance related expenses.

Part of getting efficient routing for your drivers is effective and knowledgeable dispatchers. You almost always want to send the driver closest to call to that call in order to save on time and fuel. But knowing where a driver is in relation to a call can be very difficult – and this is especially true the larger your fleet becomes.

This problem can be solved with a GPS fleet tracking solution. By installing a GPS device built for fleet tracking into your vehicles you will be able to monitor, in real time, the location of all the cars, trucks, or vans in your fleet. The dispatcher’s job will be a sinch now that they have this information and your workers will waste less time traveling from call to call.

GPS fleet tracking will also enable you to actually monitor your employees activity to see if they are following the training you gave them for efficient driving practices. You will be able to tell what speeds they travel, how long their vehicles idle, and what routes they take to calls. You might even be able to tell when a worker is deliberately wasting company time.

Your ability as a manager to effectively and efficiently manage your fleet will grow significantly with GPS on your side. Recent studies have show that an implementation of this technology in small fleets increased the number of work orders filled by 25% over a two year period.

GPS Fleet Tracking Guide offers information on how GPS technology has entered the world of small business fleet management. They provide information on GPS fleet tracking software, fleet management tools and strategies, as well as reviews of companies who provide these services.