Making The Most Out Of A Small Business GPS Fleet Tracking

Small business owners are constantly being forced to innovate to keep pace with the giants of their industries and one way to do that is to deploy GPS fleet tracking. This technology helps fleets in a variety of ways including improved fuel efficiencies, higher worker productivity, and better vehicle maintenance. Some of these benefits can be achieved easily simply through installing the units. Others take a little bit more finesse.

The areas that take particularly smart plays on the part of the management is in improving worker productivity. Chances are that your workers already think that they work hard enough. They put long days into their job and think that by installing GPS fleet tracking tools on “their” vehicles that you are somehow infringing on their rights as your employees. This is simply not the case, but since it is the preconceived notion you are going to have to fight it.

There area a couple of different ways to do that, but probably the most effective is open communication with your employees. They deserve to hear the exact reasons that you are planning on using the technology to improve your business. So share with them that productivity can increase by as much as 25% over the two year period after GPS fleet tracking devices have been installed in your small business’ fleet. That fact should get their attention.

Then go on to tell them that the main bump in productivity comes from an increased knowledge base in the operation of the business. Efficiencies are created by knowing the exact location of each vehicle in the fleet that would have otherwise been unavailable. Dispatching will become much simpler, saving workers precious time out in the field. Vehicles will need to be driven less, giving workers more time to provide services or make sales.

You will need to make it clear that the reason for implementing this technology is not to snoop ont he workers, but to improve the overall operation of the business. Worker who know that management is aware of their actions will tend to work smarter, not necessarily harder. They will discover new ways to cut costs on their own which will help give them a sense of ownership in the operation of your business. It will also help the company’s bottom line, ensuring that they stay employed for many years to come.

Despite your clear language and strategic utterances there will still be a few individuals that resent your actions. These people are best won over with time and loving care. Since you business is small, you don’t want to lose your valuable employees even if you improve business operations by 25%. Losing a key employee could be devastating so take the time to hear their grievances and address their concerns. As the owner they look to you for leadership and to take responsibility, so do it.

Almost every small business with a vehicle fleet can benefit from GPS fleet tracking. It just becomes a matter of which fleet tracking system best suites your small business while fitting withing your budgetary needs.

A GPS fleet tracking system can be an important part of helping you keep tabs on your vehicle fleet. Need help with understanding small business GPS? Check out our small business GPS fleet tracking articles.

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