Looking for a Different Bus to Rent?

Aside from the standard types of charter buses, Gogo Charter Bus Chicago ILL have also had experience with renting out several types of buses that were very different and unique in a way. Namely, there have been a few buses that are extremely interesting to talk about and very useful to rent in certain situations. Many people think that renting a bus can almost never be very interesting and different, but when you are dealing with a company such as Chicago Gogo Charter , you can be sure that there are a few wonderful surprises in store for you. Here, we will talk about three unique buses we have had the pleasure of renting to people across the country, in hopes of providing you with something interesting and useful to read and remember.

The Ultimate Entertainer

This bus is unique in many ways, but one of the perhaps most interesting things to readers will be the fact that it was the preferred bus to rent for the Playboy Mansion parties. Even though most people will be interested in the Playboy aspect of the bus, there is yet another mind-blowing fact related to the Ultimate Entertainer – the fact that it features the best surround sound system ever to be installed on a bus, a Bose entertainment system that costs more than $ 200,000. The bus is fitted with high-quality LED lights, five flat-screen television sets, three bars, two dancing poles, and a secluded VIP room.

The Presidential

If you are interested in renting a bus that was good enough and safe enough for some of the most prominent political figures in the country, then the Presidential is the bus for you. This bus has a constant GPS tracker, doors that are fingerprint triggered, windows that are impervious to bullets, as well as an astounding number of surveillance cameras – 360 of them! If you want to feel safe on your trip, as well as secluded from the rest of the world and have total privacy, this is the bus to rent.

The Executive

Do you want to feel like a CEO of a Fortune 500 company? If you have always wanted to see how CEO’s and other prominent businessmen travel, rent the Executive. Aside from featuring flat-screen TV’s, Wi-Fi access, and a shower in the on-board restroom, this amazing bus also has bullet-proof windows and a fridge to store all that beverages and food you will need while on the road.

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