Letstrak Real Time Vehicle Tracking Systems Cuts Fleet Insurance Costs

By extension, safety and insurance issues are also seen as a duty of Care responsibility by fleet employers of driver behaviour. Today’s advanced vehicle tracking technology can deliver the means of providing a customised mobile worker solution. A GPS tracking system can supply vital data previews to clearly show repeated, unacceptable driver behaviors which require to be rectified.

There is undoubtedly, a considerable productivity advantage to an entire fleet by ensuring absolute, safe driver behaviour. In addition, fleet insurers can be provided with critical, irrefutable evidence of a safer fleet operation by a detailed fleet GPS tracking work history of each vehicle. Proof of substantially improved driving behaviour and therefore, reduced risk can be indispensable contingents to reducing annual fleet insurance premiums.

As a result, already a small group of fleet GPS tracking suppliers have been seen to be working with insurers to provide joint mobile asset tracking solutions in an integrated fleet risk management programme. The intention is to provide a process, which allows fleet enterprises a clear opportunity to demonstrate improved driver behaviour as a decisive factor in reducing annual insurance premium renewals.

In the current economic cutbacks, it would appear to be an attractive proposition for fleet enterprises to be able to take advantage of latest commercial vehicle tracking technology to reduce operational and fuel costs, improve driver behaviour, leading to increased productivity and customer service and lower insurance premiums.

The continuing struggle for fleet operations to afford rising fuel prices has been compelling owners to give consideration to investing in a web based GPS vehicle tracking solution across their entire fleet, which would provide specific and crucial service oriented options for installing driver feedback units accompanied by real-time training, online.

The recognized key benefits of a vehicle tracking system to significantly optimise running cost efficiency are the capability to provide strategic applications such as location visibility, two-way messaging, work flow and navigation allied with monitoring driver behaviors of speeding, harsh braking and gear change incompetencies.

In addition, adopting an integrated and proactive approach to motor vehicle history, driver behaviour and accident reporting can also enable incorporation of ongoing driver training into a smooth and supportive behaviour change programme.

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