Knowing Where Your Fleet Is With GPS Tracking

Getting the big picture of where your fleet is important for any business, but particularly for small businesses. One very interesting place to go to see this analogy at work is the war rooms of classic World War 2 movies.

These had the fun oversized maps with blond German girls pushing models of panzers around a map of France, Russia, or the Ardennes. While they might not have looked exactly like this (what in Hollywood looks like real life?) they do represent something that really did happen in real life. It makes sense why armies had these types of things – because it helped the leaders get a big picture of what was going on in the field to make command decisions.

Your small business can benefit from this type of information. By knowing exactly where your serviceman, package, or driver is at any given moment you will be able to get them exactly where they need to be at exactly the right time. You will be empowered to provide exemplary service to your customers that will help you generate return customers and word of mouth marketing, both of which are crucial to sustain your small business.

GPS fleet tracking will help you do this.

There a few different models for GPS fleet tracking that will empower you to do this. The primary one is through a web-based interface that allows you to interact with the raw GPS data transmitted by units in each of your vehicles. The can be regular GPS navigation units (like a Garmin or TomTom) if the manufacturer also supports GPS fleet tracking or it could be a GPS device made for GPS fleet tracking.

Either way, not only will you get information at your headquarters – but your drivers will have access to real time driving instructions that can be changed during travel to respond to new needs. This is critical for transmitting job orders to vehicles already out on call.

There is a report by the Aberdeen group that came out in March of 2008 that shows that small businesses see dramatic improvement in the number of work orders filled by implementing GPS technology in their fleets. If your fleet is between 1 and 10 vehicles the benefit is significantly more pronounced. You will see also see an increase of on time deliveries as well.

When you consider that as the boss you are able to see exactly where your fleet you can easily see why this is so. Your employees will know that you can monitor their progress at any moment and that they will be held accountable in everything. You will also will be able to apply your years of experience in advising your drivers how to best manage their routes or who to send to which jobs. The power will be in your hands with GPS fleet tracking to make the most of your small business and take it to the next level.

There is little reason not to invest in GPS fleet technology because the benefits are so pronounced that it would be silly not to invest in it if your company can afford it.

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