Keep Your Loved Ones in the Loop with Our Personal Tracking Solutions

Increased crime rate against children and elderly people at home are the major concern why personal tracking devices are now mandatory. Our personal tracking solutions can be used for your personal vehicles pets or loved ones.

With our personal tracking solutions, it is easy to keep your children, personal vehicles and loved one with in your radar of information. At any point of time, you can get their exact location keeping you assured about their safety.

Our personal tracking devices are small in size so that it can easily be dressed or worn without any hassles. A personal tracking system is a practical solution for:

Parents who are worried about their kids as they leave for schools or colleges Individuals who are worried about their elderly parents at home Families with loved pets People who instantly need to track their personal vehicle in unfortunate case of its stealing Parents who are worried about the safety of their children that are new & young drivers Basically, our personal tracking devices can be used for anything or anyone you need to track. Features like real time information, continuous automatic tracking, low battery alert, no sleep mode, movement sensors, shock sensor alarm, high speed alarm and numerous others beneficial attributes make our personal tracking products to be one of their class in performance and quality.

You can get quick answers to your questions regarding location, speed, driving or movement information etc. Our innovative Letstrak personal tracking device get you detailed and accurate reporting within few seconds. The best part about these products is that they are customized according to your special requirements and they are easy to install too.

As parents, we know first hand that nothing will ever eliminate that constant fear and concern for your child’s safety. However, we are very excited by the fact that this will help in the protection, safety and development of children, teens and young adults.

GPS trackers have many great uses, but having the ability to make vehicles more gas efficient is among the most superior features. Apart From, who If your fleet company struggles with high fuel costs, you might just think about implementing GPS tracking devices for vehicle. The day you get the system up and running may be the day you’ll be moving toward cost savings! Notifications may also be setup to ensure that fleet managers receive a message the moment buses enter a no-go zone, or drivers engage in dangerous driving.

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