Important Points Associated With GPS System: An Overview

The global positioning system as the name implies is used to track & record the position of the vehicle or an individual. This is an electronic device which is used to locate the coordinate of the vehicle or any other thing with the help of the satellite. It is widely used in various applications in order to track the position.

The GPS works with the help of the satellite. In this, the collection of twenty-four satellites is used to monitor the location of the object. The satellites basically measure the coordinate of the objects in terms of latitude, longitude & space. These coordinates provide the exact location of the object using which the location is tracked.

The GPS consists of the transmitter, receiver, battery and signal processing unit. The transmitter is used to send the beacon signals. These signals are transmitted at the particular frequency so that they get tracked by the satellite. The receiver is used to catch the signals from the satellite. The uplink signal and downlink signal are processed in the signal processing unit. In this, the quantization, as well as the processing of the signals, is performed. This also helps in removing the noise from the signal so that accurate & precise measurement can be made.

The tracking of the object takes place with the help of the different satellites. These satellites move in the sky in different orbits. These provide coordinates that help in providing the exact location of the object. The signals from the satellite are received at the base station. Here, different signals are properly analyzed and the exact location of the object is retrieved.

The GPS system finds tremendous usage in the industry. In order to cater the requirements of the industry, these are available in different specifications. One very popular application area of this electronics device is the automobile industry. This is widely used in the vehicular tracking application for safety & security purposes. The installation of this devices helps in providing the exact location of the vehicle.

It is also used for the navigation purposes. With the help of this device, the sailors track their route while sailing from one destination to other. This device provide them the exact location of their preferred place. This device is also used for the surveying purpose. It is used to prepare the maps.

In addition to this, it is also used in several other applications like Astronomy, Cartography, Clock synchronization, Geo-fencing, GPS for mining, etc.

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