HTC Evo 4G Features & Benefits

The new HTC EVO 4G is a very eye catching phone. Touting 4.8 inches x 2.6 inch dimensions, it is noticeably more sizable than other smart phones, however very easy to hold. The resolution is very sharp, and the colors are very bold. Overall the new HTC Evo 4G is just better in so many ways, whether it be playing games, typing on the keyboard, or watching video, all are much easier to see with the larger LCD screen size.

This is the first 4G phone released in the United States, and it’s fast. Whether you’re downloading, uploading or surfing, you can do it up to ten times faster. This is the first WiMax phone, and its capabilities are very helpful. With WiFi available wherever you go, and Internet access for as many as eight devices, there’s no limit to what you can do. With the 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, any task you want to accomplish is faster.

The touchscreen is sensitive, and includes the buttons on the bottom. The virtual keyboard is very easy to use, thanks to the large screen, with much less chance of typos. A word-completion app is included which makes typing and texting much easier.

With two cameras, an 8 megapixel rear-facing camera, and a 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera, the photo opportunities are endless. A 2x LED flash is built-in to enhance shots taken in low-light conditions. When in camera mode, the EVO 4G is always adjusting focusing and computing light conditions, so when you push the button the photo is almost instant. No more missing the perfect shot due to camera delay. The camcorder is equally perceptive, using HD technology for beautiful videos. You can stream videos live to friends, share them on YouTube, or save them to watch later on your flatscreen.

If you have a google account you can automatically sync your contacts and calendar with your new EVO 4G. Quickoffice suite is also included, so it’s easy to work with MS Office documents. Also included are a calculator, stock tracker, desk clock, voice recorder, and news reader.

The Google Maps and Sprint Navigation features are very useful applications. Find points of interest and get restaurant reviews with Google Maps and directions. Plus get up to the minute traffic updates and GPS turn-by-turn voice-guided directions with Sprint Navigational systems.

Music is easy to download, organize and play with this phone. The speakers are great, loud and clear. There’s also an FM radio app, although you will need a wired headset to utilize this option as there is no built-in antennae.

There are several great applications for social networking online if this is your favorite leisure-time activity. A Twitter utility is included, and FaceBook is available too. FriendStream pulls photos and status updates from FaceBook and other social media together into a unified social networking option. The Qik program lets you capture and share video with friends either privately or through, FaceBook, YouTube or Twitter.

With it’s built-in kickstand, the EVO 4G is easy to use for watching video, movies, sports, or catching up on your soaps. This is a great phone, easy to use, great for entertainment or work. The call quality is excellent, even in high-noise situations. Plus even though this is a new phone, cell phone covers are already available to protect your investment, or just to jazz it up, such as the hot Diamond covers.

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