How To Install Car Alarms

Car alarms have been around since the early 1970s. They were a mixture of a kill switch and a sensor that would make the alarm go off within a few seconds of when the door was opened. If the right button wasn’t pressed within the preset time period, the alarm would blare.

Originally these were quite effective until everyone realized that car alarms would usually go off for the wrong reason, not because the car was being stolen. Anyone who ever walked through a garage or a mall parking lot will be happy to attest to the fact that alarms were going off all over the place and not even a security guard would be hurrying over to check.

Car alarms were and still are notorious for driving people crazy in the middle of the night because maybe a cat jumped on the hood of the your car, or some thunder shook it. And what happened? No one cared enough to even see if your car was OK. You’re the one who had to go out in the cold to see what was happening. People became immune to the noise.

That didn’t stop people from using them, and it didn’t stop new companies developing new models. However, even with some new technology and many new companies, the overall car alarm hasn’t changed much since the first one showed up.

Car insurance premiums can go down dramatically if you do have a car alarm, and if you can provide the insurance company with the model number and other paperwork, your discount will take effect right away. There are two basic groups: passive and active. Different people have difference preferences. An active alarm only means you need to actively turn it on and off. Passive means it arms itself automatically.

There is a new type of alarm that doesn’t make a noise. It is expensive and many drivers don’t want to install it, even though insurance companies tend to give steeper discounts if you do have it. It actually allows someone to steal the car, but it has a GPS tracker system in it. When you report your car stolen the police can turn on its surveillance device and find the car.

Of course, by the time your car is found – which is exactly what the insurance company wants – it could be trashed and any personal belongings you might have in there like cell phone, brief case, CDs, or even groceries – are gone. Consumers usually prefer to do whatever is possible to prevent the car from being taken at all, not just finding it after it’s gone.

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